A Place of Religion and Modern Computing Just a Cab Drive Away!

A Place of Religion and Modern Computing Just a Cab Drive Away!

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Grant Road is a very popular place that is situated in the southern side of Mumbai. It lies on the western line of Mumbai local railway network. It has many sights and scenes because of which many people visit this place daily. There are many offices and corporate places around the railway station making it a dense and bustling place. It falls just on the shore of the Arabian Sea making it a very beautiful place to visit. It also has high property rates owing to close proximity to sea and also some important places as well in and around its core areas.

Girgaumchowpatty is the main attraction at Grant Road. It’s a very popular and clean beach that is visited by thousands every day. During Ganesh Chaturthi festival, many devotees come to this beach to immerse the Ganesha idols as well. Apart from that, this beach is regarded as an ideal sightseeing place. The nearby Malabar Hill provides a great view of the chowpatty and of Grant Road as well. The nearby shopping areas too attract local crowds, the chowpatty sports an extensive stretch of fish market and a major part of the shore is occupied by shops centers and stores.

A major attraction at Grant Road is Lamington Road. It is a street where the surrounding areas sell computer devices, computing components and other computer related gadgets at really low rates. It is one of the busiest marketplaces in Mumbai. Many people visit this market to buy components and entire PC’s at low rates. Many traders and businessmen come to this place to buy PC’s and its components in wholesale prices as well. A lesser known fact about Grant Road is that it is a multi-religious place where a lot of people mainly from Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Islam and Jainism reside here.

A lot of fire temples can be found in and around Grant Road as many Parsi’s have homes and businesses here. 4 major fire temples are found here as well. Even a couple of affluent Jain temples are found in Grant Road. If a person wants to see religious diversity and shocking unity amongst various people, he ought to come to Grant Road to experience the same. With so many places to visit in such a popular place, travelling around Grant Road can become quite a task. For making things easier, you can opt for car hire in Grant Road as a great option.

Roaming all around Grant Road all by yourself can be tiring. Apart from that you need to reach Grant Road from the location where you are at. When you choose Car Rental in Mumbai, you not only reach this place comfortably but also roam around all the places and special locations of religious value without breaking a sweat. Amidst all that you also sway away from all the hassles of doing things by yourself and especially avoid bringing your car, which eventually makes for a wonderful and hassle free trip to Grant Road.



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