Guwahatis pleasant and verdant hills are ought to mesmerize you

Guwahatis pleasant and verdant hills are ought to mesmerize you

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The north-eastern part of India is an unexplored territory and has limited international exposure. The remoteness and terrain of the seven states, also called as the seven sisters of India, in the north east makes it an unfavorable tourist destination. But, that notion is limited to a cluster of people who have not popularly heard of or had glimpses of that region. In public opinion, those areas are uninhabitable due to the rugged mountain and difficult way of living. But, this notion doesn’t harm the north-east region of India; the loss is completely of the people who actually believe in that notion.

Popular opinion about the north-east is nothing less than a misconception. The people who have been there are mesmerized by its beauty and are also caressed with the hospitality and humbleness of the people residing there. If Kashmir is paradise on earth, the north-east is god’s abode; such is the beauty and serenity of this place. Many argue that it is impossible for travellers, who are not adventurous enough, to explore this territory. The reason stated behind that is the lack of development and infrastructure in the seven states. That is partly true, but not completely the right thing to say.

There are many cities and towns in these regions that are not only well developed but are also well connected to the northern and central regions of India. These places provide the ideal base to start off travels into the mystic mountains and historic passes. Guwahati is one of the most ideal places to visit in the north-east region. It previously used to be the capital of Assam during the 10th century but now the position of administrative capital is handed to Dispur. Still, Guwahati is regarded as the most important city in the north-eastern area and is also the largest city of Assam.

Guwahati is an ideal starting point to explore the Himalayan foothills and icy mountain tops that literally appear like a world in another dimension. It is so well connected to other major cities in India that it is popularly called the gateway to the northeast. Guwahati is the focal point for all visitors for two major reasons. One, it is connected to major cities and two; it connects all the tourist locations on the foothills. So, a person willing to visit the Himalayas and the wonderful northeast region can visit Guwahati to initiate an unforgettable experience amidst the majestic mountains.

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