Never miss a chance to enjoy with our Corporate car rental in Mumbai

Never miss a chance to enjoy with our Corporate car rental in Mumbai

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Mumbai is a city that never sleeps. The people here are always at a go, the streets are busy, the work is tremendous and there is no time for a person to get a break. It is so, due to the cutthroat competition nature of the city. There is an opportunity popping up all the time. The people are constantly competing for those opportunities and this keeps the city always on its toes. Work rules life and there is no time available with anyone to spend with family or self. With hardly any personal time available, thinking of vacations is next to impossible.

Even if a person buys sometime, where does he go? A person needs to get out of the city to relax completely and to spend some quality time. Places within Mumbai are too jam-packed. Even public places like beaches, amusement parks, hills, gardens etc. too are so packed that spending a peaceful time is just like a nightmare. Also, there is a lot of complexity while travelling in Mumbai. The roads are stuck with traffic and moving from one place to another, even if it is a short distance becomes annoying. It’s hardly possible for a working professional to take out some time to relax. Punctuality, professionalism always follows him and doesn’t let him rest.

So it’s evident that you need to get out of the city. But how far? Since life in Mumbai is very busy and full with work, you cannot go out for several days. Long distance means more time to return, and cancellation in plan seems to be the only option. But, if you are in a mood for a blissful holiday, you have to make a plan that fits in your budget. If you want to travel for a less period of time but somewhere outside the city, you can travel from Mumbai to Lonavala. It is a beautiful hilly place just at the edge of Mumbai outer edge.

A highway connects this hill town to the metropolis Mumbai, so the connectivity is very strong. A person can travel with no difficulty. So if an individual has a weekend to enjoy, he can visit Lonavala in 5-6 hours and enjoy a significant amount of time amidst the hills, gentle wind and wonderful company. For that, he can use various travel modes. Buses and trains are available but they are either too expensive or too comfort less. Getting a car on rent is the perfect way to go to Lonavala with your family or with your colleagues with Travelocar’s corporate car rental service in Mumbai.

Using Mumbai to Lonavala car hire services, any person can sit back, relax and reach his destination with a complete ease. The family can enjoy the ride too as it is comfortable for you and easy on your pockets. One of the best services for going to this place while renting cars is Travelocar. Travelocar provides cars on rent to any place, at any time of your choice and any car that you demand. Above all that, Travelocar is really affordable in its pricing. You can have the time of your life in Lonavala or to any other place at a rate that can save a lot of your money.



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