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New Delhi is the administrative capital of India. It is one of the 11 districts of the metropolitan Delhi. New Delhi has great political significance as it is the capital of a massive country. Previously, Calcutta or the present day Kolkata was the capital of British India. But, for administrative purposes and due to the gradually increasing independence movement in Kolkata, Delhi was announced as the capital. This made it safer for the British as the nationalist movement was succeeding greatly in Kolkata and a new location was requisite to administer India. Delhi’s central location was chosen as logistically it seemed to be ideal.



New Delhi didn’t exist before 1911. There were settlements and villages here but it was not as developed as we see it today. Delhi was originally the place where the British wanted to establish a capital and the present day New Delhi was chosen as the ideal place. The entire city was planned and designed keeping in mind the communication and administration lines. This land is vulnerable to mild earthquakes and this city has experienced quite a few since its inauguration in 1931. The choice of land by the British decision makers and architects was criticized due to the same.



New Delhi or simply the territory including it was mentioned in various ancient texts. Indraprashta, its most ancient name was mentioned as a capital in Mahabharata. It was the capital of almost all kingdoms that ruled over this territory. If not the capital, it was at least the region of central power of a certain rule during a particular period of time. Delhi was destroyed by a victorious kingdom and was reestablished by the same in its own way. That happened several number of times in History. Historically, New Delhi was never destroyed, but it can be said that it was restructured.


The Mughals can be termed or claimed as the architects of modern Delhi, but it was the British who laid the foundation of creating New Delhi when the need for a new capital to administer India arrived. British architects planned and structured New Delhi and today, it is still the same. It is one of the few planned cities in India as most of them have been developed without a regional or functioning strategy. The Rashtrapati Bhavan or the President’s residence is situated here along with the Parliament house and various pathways that lead to administrative, historic and diplomatic enclaves.



New Delhi is full of commercial centers and it is a very flourishing economic center of India. New Delhi’s economy is completely dependent on the service sector. The service sector includes government as well as private sector. The government sector literally employs half of New Delhi’s people who are into services and the other half are employed by multi-national companies who want service workforce in India. This workforce is generated through the English speaking prowess of Indian citizens. Multi-nationals are inclined to draw workforce from India as the labor costs here are lesser than that of Europe and North America.


The Three Paths

New Delhi’s most important places are connected by three promenades, namely- Janpath which means the people’s path, Rajpath which is the King’s path and Shanti path which is the path of peace. The Rajpath stretches from the President’s place to the India Gate, this is the major path and others are its branches or sub-streets. The Janpath begins at Connaught Circus intersecting the Rajpath on a single occasion. The most important street as far as India’s diplomacy is concerned is the Shantipath where diplomatic and foreign affairs centers and embassies of approximately 20 countries are situated. These three paths are very central to New Delhi’s establishment.


Places To Visit In New Delhi

India Gate:- India Gate is one of the most important monuments in India. It is a war memorial constructed by the British and unveiled in 1931. It was erected in honor of over 1.3 lakh Indian soldiers along with a few British soldiers who attained martyrdom while fighting several wars held between 1914 & 1921. All the soldier’s names who participated in the various wars have their names inscribed on the India Gate. Many people visit tis place to pay homage to the war heroes who sacrificed their lives.

Jantar Mantar:- It is a massive astronomical place that has 13 gigantic structures that can be used for astronomy. It was built by Maharaja Jaisingh 2 of Jaipur. 4 more similar structures exist in India today at various places. It is today one of New Delhi’s prime tourist attractions.

Rajghat:- Rajghat is a memorial built to commemorate the place of cremation of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. A black marble plinth marks the location where the Mahatma was cremated. An eternal flame burns to depict that the spirit is still alive in form of the great man’s ideas. Many Gandhians come to visit this place to pay tribute to the Father of the Nation of India.


Travelling in New Delhi

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