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Guntur is a city that lies on the eastern shore of India. It is situated in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh which has recently experienced a partition. Previously, Guntur was a very essential city of both Andhra Pradesh and India. It is a natural port so there is a lot of trade that is carried out across the eastern hemisphere of the globe, from this place. Also, it is a resting spot for many navy fleets of India. That’s why it has great strategic and economic importance. It is an urbanized place and is regarded as one of the fastest developing cities in India.

It was the 5th most populated city before the partition of Andhra Pradesh and now, after partition, it is the third most populous city. It is termed to be one of the most essential places in Andhra Pradesh as the newly born and underdeveloped state will require great financial hubs and Guntur certainly fits that bill. A lot will depend on this city and the district in which it is situated. That’s because Amravati, the proposed capital of the newly created state of Andhra Pradesh which due to be in power in a decade, will house the city of Guntur as one of its suburbs.

Guntur’s economic contribution

The city of Guntur is nowhere to be seen on the business map of India, but that’s only a perception of false vision. Guntur contributes greatly to India’s exports and economy. It is one of the finest hubs for e-commerce in India. Many businesses and services are based here and a lot of customers are drawn here due to the same. Apart from the e-commerce industry, Guntur is known widely for its other business prospects. Being based in Guntur signifies success as it is very big production center and also a vast market for all kinds of businesses from various sectors.

And as far as the export is concerned, very few cities can match the magnitude at which exports are implemented from this city. Undisputedly, Guntur is one of the most essential export hubs of India. It produces and exports massive quantities of cotton, tobacco and Chilies. Chili pepper too is exported on a large scale and it is one of the highly demanded things in India, on condition that it is produced in and around Vishakhapatnam and Guntur areas. Guntur’s chilies are very famous for their distinct taste and hot nature. That’s the reason why its exports are more and Guntur is hence the largest exporter of chilies in India.

Education in Guntur

The southern part of India has always been regarded as a great place the houses great institutions. Education and literacy, in terms of respective quality and numbers, has always been at its pinnacle ever since independence. Even in ancient times, massive number of institutes in form of schools and gurukuls existed and many scholars originated from areas in and around Guntur. Today, Guntur is famous for its agricultural colleges providing bachelor degrees. Many students from across the country and also across the world come here to get enlightened in the fields of agriculture, engineering, medicine, Vedic sciences,  arts and management.

Places To Visit In Guntur:

Kondaveedu:  Kondaveedu is situated 17 Miles from Guntur City. This chronicled stronghold was assembled amid the rule of the Reddy rulers in fourteenth century A.D. where there are 21 structures in the fortification. The remnants of the posts situated on the ridges offer great historic experience. Located at a position of characteristic beautiful magnificence, is a perfect spot for trekking. The Gopinatha sanctuary and Kathulabave at the foot of the hillock, various sanctuaries, and private structures, pillared lobbies on the slope and the passageway portals on east and west sides are the attractions at kondavidu.

Kotappakonda: Kotappakonda is a town, a few miles south-west Guntur City close Narsaraopet. Its unique name is Kondakavuru, however is all the more prominently known as Kotappakonda or Trikutaparvatam. Despite the fact that it is encompassed by different slopes, the three slopes, additionally known by the names of Trikutachalam or Trikutadri, can be particularly seen from a separation from any direction. The three tops are named after the Hindu Triumvirate, Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara. Guthikonda famously known as Dakshina Kasi is situated close Narasaraopeta. The Guthikonda Caves are a position of profound riddle pulling in numerous vacationers to roam around.

Sitanagaram: It is situated on the banks of stream Krishna with an unlimited sandy shoreline for entertainment and relaxation. The well-known Someswara Swamy sanctuary is located here. According to the legend, Lord Rama sobbed here for Sita when she was snatched by Ravana, subsequently the name Sitanagaram.

Undavalli-holes, Mangalagiri: These two spots are effectively available on the Guntur-Kolkata Express Way. Managalagiri is well known for its temple of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy. The slope used to be a dynamic and active volcano. Here at the sanctuary, jaggery water is offered to the deity by the devotees. As indicated by the old sacred texts, the ruler is being worshiped subsequent to Satya Yuga. In the down slope there is another sanctuary committed to Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy.

Travelling in Guntur

The best way to travel across this city is to hire Cabs In Guntur. These services are swift, quick and provide instant service. They are readily available so even if you have entered Guntur without a plan, you can always rely on them to make your trip easier. Cab Services In Guntur are also quite reasonable in their costing so, you can be stress free about everything related to your finances and investment capabilities.

Services including Car Rental Service In Guntur are really as good as the cab services. But it is better if you book cars in advance as there is an incessant demand of such services that work round the clock. In case you are aware of the city’s dimensions and are in the city, you can hire a Taxi Service In Guntur to initiate your itinerary. 

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