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Bhiwandi is a suburb of Mumbai, in the western side of Maharashtra in India. It is found 20 km toward the north-east of Mumbai and 15 km toward the north-east of Thane city. Bhiwandi city, the central command of the taluka of Bhiwandi, goes under the organization of the Bhiwandi-Nizampur City Municipal Corporation. The city is viewed as a piece of the Greater Mumbai metropolitan agglomeration, alongside parts of Mumbai peninsula like Navi Mumbai and the urban communities of Kalyan, Thane, Ulhasnagar, Dombivli, Mira-Bhayandar and the Vasai-Virar area.

History of Bhiwandi

The primary control of the general population was horticulture, manufacturing and handlooms. With the approach of power, the hand weaving machines to be immediately supplanted by powered looms. It turned into a centre point of the clothing and textile business in the 1930s. Bhiwandi used to have a port on the waterway known as Kamwadi stream. Amid sixteenth century the port was arranged at territory known as Bunder Mohalla. There was exchanging business of woods and Spices.

At that time, the vendors were called as "Saudagars", and the range used to allude as SaudagarMohalla. The person who works for transportation building used to inhabit put today called as Sutar Wada and Hamal Wada. The specialist who explores the boat used to inhabit put today known as Tandel Wada. In the Moghul period Bhiwandi city was known by the name of "Islamabad". They fabricated the Mosque by the name of Islamabad Masjid and assembled Eidgah arranged at Eidgah Street.

Bustling Business city of Bhiwandi

The city of Bhiwandi, known for its clothing and textile industry, has the biggest number of Power weaving machines the country and is now and then named as 'The Manchester of India'. A noteworthy bit of the populace is utilized by the Power loom segment. The Mumbai-Agra roadway going through Bhiwandi guarantees the smooth network of the city with Mumbai, Thane, Nashik and whatever remains of India. Bhiwandi has been creating as an Industrial centre point for the clothing and textile business since a long time, and all commercial ventures and logistics division in the recent times.

Bhiwandi is the following advancement district for MMRDA, which has created different areas, for example, Bandra - Kurla Complex, Mumbai Metro and Monorail Project etc. Close nearness to Mumbai, Thane and Development of district by MMRDA; make Bhiwandi a perfect spot for organizations to find. Likewise accessibility of day long power supply, and accessibility of labourers because of closeness to Industrial city of Bhiwandi, encourages setting up of mechanical units. Accessibility of Transporters having nationwide vicinity in nearness makes it a perfect area for storage and transporting.

Bhiwandi - The Economic Hub

The decay of Mumbai's clothing and textile factories prodded the development of the powered loom area. Keeping in mind the end goal to take care of the demand for exquisite fabrics, powered weaver centres sprang up in different parts of the State. Clothing and textile and transient specialists particularly from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar; a lot of workers came in huge numbers to look for some kind of employment at these centres. Bhiwandi turned into the second biggest powered weaving machine centre in the nation after Surat city powerloom.

The State government appraises that more than a million individuals are indigent straightforwardly or in a roundabout involved in the weaving machines industry Bhiwandi. The Power loom industry is the fundamental explanation behind gigantic number of coasting populace. Bhiwandi is the wealthiest city in Thane District for the same reason. Bhiwandi additionally has turned into the most generously compensated ‘octroi’ with the biggest godown present in Asia.


Transport in Bhiwandi

Bhiwandi Nizampur is all around associated with whatever is left of the nation in light of the Mumbai-Agra Highway which goes through it. The expressway is a standout amongst the most essential in the nation and subsequently there is a substantial stream of activity through BhiwandiNizampur, comprising of autos and in addition topowerful tractor trailers. Two flyovers have been developed on this expressway to smooth movement. In perspective of conveying some movement, another backup street, generally and fittingly called the Bhiwandi bypass was assembled.

This Backup Street severs from the principle roadway, in Thane, and meets the parkwayclose at Shangrila resort. The BhiwandiNizampur Road juncture lies on the Vasai-Diwa passage, between the western line and focal line. A passenger train which functions on a diesel engine keeps running from Diva to Vasai just five times in a day. Numerous mail trains make a stop here. As of late automated reservation service was introduced at this station and Vasai-Diva line considered as suburban rail system.

Reaching Bhiwandi

Bhiwandi is not a residential hub. Yes, there are many housing complexes here, but the population is comparatively less. That’s because Bhiwandi is an industry oriented area. It doesn’t have houses adequate to reside the number of labourers and workers working in this city day in and day out. For business purposes, people come from far away by using car rental services in Bhiwandi. One may argue that trains are available so why choose cars on rent?

The thing is that trains are crowded and a long journey is more comfortable owing to taxi rental services in Bhiwandi. Even cabs in Bhiwandi provide great services to people coming to the city every day from surrounding towns and districts. So, if you stay in Mumbai or Thane or any district surrounding this city, you can rent a car Bhiwandi and reach the destination in a short period of time.

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