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Car Rental in Mahim


Mahim is an area in Mumbai. It is well known for their street foods, which turn into a clamoring place after nightfall.

Mahim is derived from Mhaimavati which means miraculous in Sanskrit. It was the capital of Raja Bhimdev, who ruled over the locale in the 13th century. He fabricated the first babulnath temple in addition to a royal residence and a justice court in Prabhadevi. In 1343, this island was controlled by the Muslims of Gujarat. They had constructed the old Mahim mosque; in honor of Makhtum Fakir Ali Paru in 1431 they constructed a dargah today famously known as Mahim Dargah.

Though it’s a small island it still holds a pool of attraction for tourists visiting Mumbai, some of those are the 17th Mahim fort which is a relic of the British Empire. For those looking for religious places, there are many religious spots in Mahim such as Sitladevi Temple, Mahim Church, and Mahim Dargah. There is also a 150-hectare forest with a bird sanctuary right in the middle of Mahim known as The Maharashtra Nature Park.

TraveloCar’s Car Hire Service in Mahim

TraveloCar provides car rental in Mahim for tourists who are here to visit such an astonishing place as well as for families looking to spend their day out in Mumbai. We also cater to corporate through our various services such as short trip (car rental for 4 hours or 40 km), long trip (car hire for 8 hours or 80 km) and Outstation trips.

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