Ludhiana Tariff

Vehicle -NA- 8.00 hr/80 kms Outstation per Kms

Car Rental Ludhiana


Ludhiana is a beautiful city set in the depths of the beauty of Punjab. Not only is it a municipal corporation but it is the largest city to the north of North Delhi. It is also the largest city of Punjab with an average population of one lakh, six hundred ninety four thousand people. This vast city obviously has a lot more to showcase and the quickest possible ways to make full use of the time and go everywhere is to use our car rental service in Ludhiana. They are extremely quick with transport and highly efficient to take you from one place to another.

We also provide the cheapest cab hire service in Ludhiana. Our cab rental services exist to make life much easier for our customers by far. We are available for pick up services at any point of the city and will drop you to your desired destination. Another thing we make sure of is that all our cars have a proper in built GPS navigation system for easy routing and steering through the tangled streets of the city without getting lost and consequently causing delays. Our drivers are also very well learnt of the roads and efficient in finding the way around Ludhiana.

Our Fleets are all very well maintained and serviced regularly bases Our Online car on rent in Ludhiana are cleaned at proper intervals and the engines are fairly oiled to ensure smooth rides for all our customers. Our services are more convenient than having your own vehicle. Rentals are also available for cabs to take tourists to all the historical spots and monuments for proper visits and often for whole days instead of just one trip. Our services are widespread and approved of by our customers, local as well as tourists and visitors for being very convenient.

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