Mumbai Tariff

Vehicle 4.00 hr/40 kms 8.00 hr/80 kms Outstation per Kms

Car Rental Mumbai


Business Importance of Mumbai

Mumbai capital of Maharashtra, the business capital of India and one of the top metro cities in India one city with so much importance, it also ranks among the world’s top 10 centers of commerce in terms of global financial flow. It contributes around 6.16% to GDP (Gross Domestic Product), 25% for Industrial Output and 70% of Maritime trade in India. Hence Mumbai is a major attraction for Corporate.


Travelling in Mumbai

In the fast paced life of Mumbai travelling is a concern with population of around 1.27 million every mode of transportation, whether it local train or road transit is generally overcrowded, especially if we talk about the road transportation during morning peak hours when most of the people are travelling towards their offices or during evening peak hours when people leave for their home roads are insanely crowded. And driving a car during this time of the hour will drive you crazy.

So, Instead of making your life miserable by adding on to your difficulties opt for more convenient options such as getting a cab hire service in Mumbai, Car rental service in Mumbai comes in many different packages customized differently for different set of customers. A Chauffeur driven cab hire service is best for travelling in Mumbai. It is convenient and hassle free option and is under budget too. Car rental services can also be used for travelling out of Mumbai or planning a trip to the hill station. 

Car Rental Mumbai services are getting more popular, especially in metro cities like Mumbai as they are much more easier to opt for and at affordable prices, using these services also reduce some common problems like driving a car on crowded roads of Mumbai, wasting your time looking for parking many such regular issues can be avoided by using car rental services.