Delhi Tariff

Vehicle 4.00 hr/40 kms 8.00 hr/80 kms Outstation per Kms

Taxi Services In Delhi


Delhi is the Capital of India. It has a population of around 11 million and considered to be the second most populated cities in India. Delhi is situated on the banks of Yamuna River in the northern part of India. Delhi is one of the oldest cities and inhabited since the 6th century. Delhi always remained as a prominent location throughout the history and served as Capital for various Kingdoms and empires. It is the center of various historical monuments. Today’s old Delhi was built by Mughal Emperor Shahjahan to act as a centre to rule his empire.  Later on Capital was shifted from Delhi to Calcutta under British Rule and after few years it was again transferred to Delhi. New Delhi was built to act as a new capital city.

Best Car Rental Service in Delhi by TraveloCar

TraveloCar is a popular car rental service provider in India. We have a wide range of cars that can provide the solution to all car rental problems and fits in the budget. We offer Chauffeur driven Car rental service in Delhi, The cabs are well maintained and in good shape, our services can be characterized as trustworthy and reliable. We offer all kinds of cars whether it is Small Sedan, SUV or a Luxury car with AC and Non AC options and GPS facilities. With our Delhi Airport Transfer service you can book any car through our website or helpline number in just three simple steps, we offer an array of affordable cabs for travel in and outside Delhi with options to book cab for Half Day, Full Day and Outside city.


Why choose Online Booking Taxi Services in Delhi through

Getting a Online Cab Booking in Delhi is the newest trend in Travelling whether it is for personal or professional reasons. With the increase in number of people opting for car rental services, the competition between the car rental service providers has become stiffer.

Following are reasons why you should put your trust and money on TraveloCar

Cost: Getting a private car is a costlier option considering various factors such as maintenance, repair, registration etc. Comparing to this renting a car is much cheaper and feasible option. TraveloCar offers various ranges of cabs that can fit your pocket.

Multi Use: TraveloCar makes sure that you have a delightful experience throughout your journey whether you have hired the car for wedding, airport pickup drop, for the professional reason or just going on a family vacation. You can sit back and enjoy the trip without hassling about the traffic or searching for the destination’s route.

Luxury: Well there are many occasions where status is must and hence TraveloCar offers a wide range of Luxury Car fleet that you can choose from and get a desired brand to enhance your Luxurious Travelling experience.

Safety: Getting a car on rent is a much safer option than to drive on your own especially on congested roads. TraveloCar also offers Pan India Corporate Car Rental Service in Delhi that covers all the location in Delhi also we ensure that our cabs are well maintained and at its best shape and offer an immediate replacement in case of breakdown or delay.


Places to Visit in Delhi

Rashtrapati Bhavan/ India Gate/ Parliament House: These three destinations are the must visit destinations in Delhi because of their importance and architecture.

Red Fort: You will surely be amazed after visiting this destination for sure.

Qutub Minar: Located in Mehrauli in South Delhi is a sandstone tower covered with complex carving and Holy Kuran will amaze you.

Chandni Chowk: A market created by Shahjahan is surely one of the Lively Market to visit and enjoy the local cuisine.

The Lotus Temple: Bahai Temple is famous for its architecture designed in lotus like shape with White marble.