Mumbai Tariff

Vehicle 4.00 hr/40 kms 8.00 hr/80 kms Outstation per Kms

Taxi Services In Mumbai


Traditional Taxi in Mumbai

Most of taxi cabs in Mumbai have a distinctive black and yellow color on the body where the upper half is painted yellow and lower half is painted black. Private company’s taxis can have their own color but need to take approval from the government for the same. These traditional taxis operate on CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). The traditional process to hire a taxi is to wait on the street till one arrives or directly go to taxi stands.

Changing Trend

Today the trend has completely changed with more number of private firms getting into the business and giving more convenient options to the customers. Car on rent services in Mumbai has undergone a tremendous growth. Now people don’t have to wait on the street for a taxi or visit taxi stands. Customers can pre-book or book on the spot Cab services decide a pickup spot and the car will be there to pick him up and will drop to the destination he has decided. This has given more freedom to the customers and helps avoid wasting time in looking for a taxi.

Today even the car renting companies have entered this segment and added more viable options to the service. Such as earlier the customer had to enquire for the type of car that will come for the pickup so as to decide whether it will be suitable for his requirements, but now a person can select the car he wants as per his requirements whether it is a normal economy car or a premium luxury car or choose between ac and non ac options. And all of these can be achieved through 24*7 calling help lines or using the website of the company providing the service.

TravelOCar provides best taxi services in Mumbai giving a wide range of options to its customers, whether it is for attending a meeting or pick up drop from airport or just a regular requirement of transit we offer all these services at an affordable cost.