Outstation Car Rental

Outstation Car Rental

All the cars that are rented for outstation travel hold an All India permit. The tariff involved in renting these cars will be fixed up to certain kilometers. After crossing that distance, the passenger will have to pay as per the rates mentioned beforehand. The costs involved in parking, at the toll point, will have to be paid by the passenger. When crossing a state from one to another, the taxes involved in that should are also to be paid by the passenger. If the trip does not end in the city that was mentioned at the time of booking, extra money will be charged for a place where the trip was ended. The passenger should be made well aware of the rules involved in doing so.

If there is a night out involved outside the city from where the trip started by the chauffeur, there will be extra charges involved per night. The night charges involved will vary according to the city and depending upon the type of vehicle involved. Whether you want to stop for a quick snack, a nappy change time for toddlers or a perfect snap-clicking time in grazing fields, this service will offer you everything.

For those who are wondering about how and why to rent a car online, here are some reasons:

Exclusive budgets:

The drivers of these cars are very tourist- friendly. They will not help you reach your destination, but will also help you in deciding or shortlisting the places to visit. The long list of tourist-friendly places includes Ahmedabad, Kochi, Ooty, Pune and many more. All you have to do is mention the start and end date of the journey and select the vehicles that you want to travel in.

Hassle free booking:

The car booking involved with these sites will not have any ambiguity involved. You will find great deals on renting these cars for your outstation trips. There are a lot of options which involve booking these four wheelers at affordable prices. You should simply log in and mention the necessary details, and you are all set!

It's new and it's everywhere:

The booking is now done on an easy basis. As this is a world of smart phones, there are apps involved which will help you in booking an outstation car with simply a few clicks. You just have to enter your mobile number and the destination, and you will get the receipt right away on your mini computer.