Car rental services for corporates

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  • Pan India car rental service through a centralized reservation system.
  • 24x7 services all year round.
  • Complete Online Booking service of ANY WHERE, ANY TIME AND ANY CAR.
  • One point of contact i.e. Relationship Manager for every corporate who will be handling company's account.
  • Garages are close to city airports.
  • Chauffeurs go through rigorous security & training process not to mention well attired with Hand Phones.
  • Recent fleet, not more than 3 years old, well maintained, with car fresheners & tissue papers, fire extinguisher and first aid kits.
  • Courtesy services of mineral water bottles & daily English newspaper.
  • Mobile / SMS notification to passengers and bookers on the status of drivers and booking.
  • Transparency of bookings, billings, tracking etc in corporate login panel.
  • Many more features with mobile application to suite corporate needs.
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Corporate Car Rental Service

The city of Mumbai has always been called as the business capital of India. The reason for the same is simple. With many prominent business districts in the city, many companies both national and international have established their presence here.One byproduct of this is the launch of corporate cab service.

 Now you may wonder – Why would people opt for these services when there are a large number of auto-rickshaws and yellow/black taxis? However, the issues with this fleet are well known. Altered Meters, over charging, Refusing to play, Refusing to stop etc. are some of the common complaints lodged against them. However, businessmen and women needed a more reliable mode of transport. Hence we launched Online Corporate Car Rental Services.

We do provide Corporate Car Rental Services For Business, Fleets like B.M.W, Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar XJL etc. At affordable price one of the great Luxury Car Hire Agency in India Since 1989 which worth your trust 24 hour support before, during, and after your trip, One point of contact for your all needs and support, Our garages are close to city airports, Our chauffeurs go through rigorous training process, Our Cars are not more than 3 years old, well maintained, with car fresheners & tissue papers, Fire extinguisher and First aid kits, Every car has mineral water bottles & Daily English newspaper.

Is there any safety guarantee?

The aim of launching this service was to bypass all the complaints associated with the yellow and black fleet. Instead our focus was to establish a fleet of modern vehicles which is everything the above mentioned fleet is not. To start with our vehicles are calibrated to the latest fares. This means that you never have to worry about being charged the wrong amount.

Our Chauffeurs go throw background verification check process, so we can assure you a safe journey;our vehicles are clean and well maintained. Every cab in our fleet undergoes regular clean ups and checks for mechanical issues. You will never again have to travel in dirty cabs or ever face a situation where the cab breaks down in traffic.However the biggest reason you should opt for our services is the on-time arrival and specialized in Car Rental for Corporate, Business.

When you ask for our luxury services, we ensure that our drivers take into account the distance, traffic and other factors like weather and festivities so that they always reach the client on time. This is important as we know how important time is to a business. So the next time you want to travel in a cab, reach out and give us a call. We are Best Corporate Car Rental Service Provider in India.