Local Trip Car Rental

Local Car Rental

Cars can be rented for going on an outstation trip, for point to point travelling, for half day and also for a full day. The fare involved in renting these cars is fully transparent and does not involve ay hidden costs. The mid points such as toll booths and any other place outside the specified area will require extra costs as mentioned in the cost chart.


Cars can be rented for special occasions like weddings or parties. These cars can be rented on a full day basis and they will halt and start as per the requirement of the passenger. The full day rental driving shall not involve travelling a distance of more than 8 hours time. The distance designed for these rentals is approximately 80 kilometers. If a passenger is willing to travel above these mentioned distances and time, there will be additional charges involved.

Renting a full day car for occasions such as marriage or an engagement will prove convenient as per the need and hence, an excellent way to cut costs. There will be a better coordination among everyone if the guests arrive in one car rather than many cars at the same time.

You will be free from all anxiety, because the drivers of these cars are well trained and travel safer and faster in traffic. Most of these cars have seats that can accommodate a large number of people at the same time. According to the occasion, these cars are sometimes decorated so as to fit its surroundings.

If you are looking for the perfect rented cars that include all the above-mentioned facilities, there is no one better than us in this town to help you out. We have all the required amenities that will make your travel for any event the best experience. From chauffeurs to interiors, we have all that you need!