short trip car rental

Transfer Car Rental

Be it an outstation trip, a point to point travelling, whether for half day or full day, the cars can be rented depending upon your need at a given time. The tariff of renting these cars does not involve any hidden costs and is completely transparent to the client.


Renting a half day car for occasions such as marriage or an engagement will not only prove to be convenient, but also an excellent way of cutting cost. There will be a better coordination amongst everyone if the guests arrive in one car rather than many cars at the same time. You will be free from all worries as the drivers of these cars are professionals and travel safer and faster in traffic. Most of these cars have seats that can accommodate a large number of people at the same time. According to the occasion, these cars are sometimes decorated so as to fit amongst its surroundings.

The half day rental cars shall not involve travelling a distance of more than 4 hours time. The range designed for these rentals is approximately 40 kilometers. If a passenger wants to travel above these mentioned distances and time, there will be additional charges involved. The cars can be booked online in easy steps. But while choosing a dealer, make sure that the company has all the insurance covered; not only for it, but also for the passengers incase of mishaps. Also, make sure to book these rental cars well in advance.

We provide ultimate cars for every occasion. We have chauffeurs that are aware of all the guidelines that need to be followed while carrying a passenger. Being in this rental business for years, we provide guarantee while booking. We will make sure that you get the best service and experience with us.