Attractions of Pune

Revisit The Youth Centric Hills of Pune in Rented Cars

Pune is the second largest city of Maharashtra in terms of population. It is a twin city of Mumbai which is the administrative capital of Maharashtra and the commercial capital of India. Pune was previously known as Poona and the cavalry regiment Poona Horse still holds the older name. It is known as the Oxford of the east due to the vast number of educational institutes that are found in the city. It is hence a paradise for students. Industries here are growing by the day and it is one of the hottest spots for an individual to seek a job.



Pune is nestled amidst a lot of hill ranges. That’s a spot for holidaying for today’s people but previously, it was a very strategic location. A lot of Kings who ruled this city used it as a commercial and production center. The Mutha River that flows adjacent to it made it a very fertile land and a lot of agriculture was practiced here. The surrounding hills made it a naturally defendable city. Its location was such that all kingdoms that ruled here constructed forts on top of these hills to consolidate an already advantageous position. Pune was a prized asset as far as a kingdom’s defenses and the economy was concerned.

Its proximity to present day Mumbai also made it an important location. Traders and kingdoms that had control over Pune would have control over the sea routes that initiated through Mumbai. Many battles have been fought here. The Shivneri Fort, which played an important role in defending the Maratha Empire several times, is situated in Pune and has witnessed bloodshed and brutal wars against the Mughals and other kingdoms. Pune and its outskirts have a historic war like feel and all the hills stations around it today have those forts to remind us of those bloody and gruesome conflicts and wars.



Pune is known as the motor city of India as a lot of world-class automobile companies that include Jaguar, Renault, Fiat, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz etc. have their assembling and spare part importing facilities here. Many of these facilities employ a lot of people and these facilities assemble cars that we eventually see at showrooms. Apart from that, Pune city is turning out to be a major IT hub in India. Many IT companies have been established here and a lot more are in a queue to set up more of such establishments.

A major part of the economy and employment in Pune are due to these IT parks. There are also many electrical and mechanical engineering hubs in Pune and a big chunk of the economy is contributed by that. The reason behind such a well-industrialized city is that there are a lot of reputed educational institutes here that draw students from all over the world, especially India. This proves to be a firm base for industrialist and their entities to extract budding talents in various fields. Pune has a youthful feel with a lot of enthusiasm owing to the youth-centric nature of education in the city. Travelocar is the well-known company in Pune they provide the best car rental services for corporate in Pune.


Pune The Trekker’s Paradise

Any trekker residing in any part of the world ought to visit Pune which is also called a trekking paradise. The main city doesn’t have a trek but the outskirts are loaded with hills that have magnificent forts built by the Peshwas and Marathas. Ranging from easy climbs to arduous treks, Pune has everything to offer that a trekker might possibly demand. Sinhagad Fort, Rajmachi Fort, Shivneri Fort, Lohgad Fort etc. treks are the most magnificent ones. Traveller starts off from Pune as an ideal base to scale the moderate to difficult heights of the verdurous hills and valleys.


Places to visit in Pune

Aga Khan’s Palace:- This is a majestic palace that was built by Sultan Aga Khan to relieve the poor farmers who were suffering due to a massive famine. This place has great historic value as Mahatma Gandhi and his associates including his wife were imprisoned for their role in the Quit India Movement. Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes are situated here at the garden lawn just in front of the palace.

Parvati Hill Temples:- This gigantic temple of Parvati and Devdeveshwar was built by Balaji Baji Rao. It was a Peshwa shrine during their dominant rule. Located on a hilltop, this place has the Parvati museum as well that has depictions of Peshwas, old manuscripts, coins etc.

Pataleshwar caves:- This is a rock cut temple that is situated in a cave. The entire structure is carved out of one massive rock that has pillars, inscriptions, and carvings as well. It’s a Lord Shiva Shrine and also has a Nandi Bull statue just before the shrine. Its specialty is that it is situated at the heart of the city amidst skyscrapers and massive IT parks and is still a very popular worshiping place.


Traveling in Pune

When you are in the city, you will realize that it’s just not the main city that is essential. Pune is complete only with its nearby villages and hills are included that fall in other districts. For such long trips, wisely choose cab hire service in Pune with chauffeur as they are comfortable and will suit you the best as the distance is long. Moreover, an Online Car Rental Pune with Driver will charge a smaller amount than any other private transportation so it only gets better with a cab and you certainly will choose that above any other service.


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