Welcome To Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India, is one of the most significant fragments of Indian history. It was said that the king who ruled over Delhi was the king whole ruled over India. Indian history without Delhi is not complete.

Today Delhi is the mixture of history and the modern world.  On one side there are historic forts, temples, and mosques. On the other side, you can find malls, metro trains, etc. Delhi has it all. Delhi truly is one of the few cities where people can’t run out places to visit despite of spending long proportions of time there. One visit to Delhi is enough to paint the history of this country all over your mind.

To enhance your experience even more, Travelocar is here to help you. Travelocar can provide cab service in Delhi. We are not just another regular cab service. We make sure your experience with us remains more than just satisfactory. When you travel with us you have the opportunity to experience your entire journey with great ease and comfort.

We take pride in providing the best customer service possible on our side. Every car you choose will include mineral water, tissue papers, daily newspaper, first aid kits, etc. We make your journey our priority and ensure it is not hindered due to insignificant inconveniences that can waste your time or ruin your mood. Nothing is worse than having to travel in a bad mood.


Where to Stay

Delhi, being a metro city is never short on supply of hotels. It has a large variety of hotels available at all sorts of places and all sorts of prices. If you’re visiting Delhi, finding a good hotel in your price range should be the least of your worries.


Which places to visit?

Delhi is a goldmine for tourists. Its significance in the Indian history is undeniable. It was considered a ruler’s pride during the ancient history. Due to its importance in the past, Delhi went through several different kingdoms and kings, from the Rajput’s to the Mughals, the throne of Delhi was occupied by the greatest rulers the world has ever seen. This is why Delhi is filled to the brim with significant historic monuments. One has to revisit the city several times to complete the list of places to visit.



Delhi is located in the center of northern India, Due to its unfortunate geographic location, Delhi has an extreme climate, either too cold or too hot with a little rainfall, one of the reasons why having a proper means of transportation is highly recommended.

This is where Travelocar steps in for you. We are one of the best car rental companies in Delhi.  One of the reasons why we are at the top of the game is because we understand our customers’ needs and we put our full efforts catering to them. Cab service in Delhi by other companies simply isn’t up to the mark. When travelling through cities like Delhi, the passenger may have more requirements even they may not be aware of. This is how we establish ourselves as a luxury car rental in Delhi.

While there may be plenty of car rental companies in Delhi, the service we provide is like none other you will ever experience at any place. luxury car rental in Delhi Is hard to find and the ones who do promise to provide do not deliver.

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