Travel Around The Splendid South Side

Cuffe Parade is a very posh and affluent place in the southernmost part of Mumbai. It houses the most successful and richest businessmen of India. One of the towers in this vicinity is the richest housing society in the entire state of Maharashtra. It overlooks the Arabian Sea and every tower standing aside the shore provides a delightful sight of the sea. The Badhwar Park area located inside Cuffe Parade has a lot of sporting grounds, swimming pools, a football ground and also multiple indoor courts. Cuffe Parade is popular for its towering buildings and sky scrapers that are merely housing facilities and not massive trade centers.

One of the sky scrapers though is the World Trade Center that towers and dominates over all other towers in the surrounding vicinity. Like this, there are many important places that are usually related to government and defense services. The Navy Nagar, a colony that houses retired and serving Navy personnel, lies in the adjoining areas. Many shipping and merchant navy corporations have their offices and headquarters in Cuffe Parade. Other popular places in proximity are Churchgate, Colaba and Mumbai CST. Getting to the popular Elephanta caves too is easy from this place owing to the close proximity to the sea.

The Taj President Hotel lies in this area. This hotel is regarded as one of the finest hotels in India and Asia. Whenever there are top officials from other countries visiting Mumbai, they are provided suites in this area. There is also the Nariman Point, the famous Jewish housing place in proximity to Cuffe Parade where Jews from around the world visit Mumbai. Many government top official’s houses and guest houses are located in this area. Sometimes even Ministers and high delegation groups are invited and provided suites here.

The last railway connectivity to Cuffe Parade ends at Churchgate railway station. Then road transport has to be utilized. Since Cuffe Parade is such a high market and affluent place with so many beautiful sights, many people like visiting this place regularly. Also, proximity to the sea, Colaba and other posh areas makes this area a must visit place. The need for cabs and taxis taking people to this place and from this place keeps increasing due to the same. There is a high end need for car on rent in Cuffe Parade as people can only commute through the road.

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