Enjoy The Better Side of Mumbai

Enjoy The Better Side of Mumbai With Affluent Townships

Mumbai CST is one of the most historical places, not only for Mumbai but also for India. That’s because the first ever railway track in India was laid down here from Mumbai CST to Thane. This very fact makes it a really special place. This marked the initiation of extensive trade across Bombay mainland. Mumbai CST was previously known as Bori Bunder as it was a storage dock back in the British era. The grand entrance structure was built in 10 years to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Queen Victoria. After this, the railway station was called Victoria terminus.

Victoria terminus became Mumbai CST in 1996. The ‘CST’ in Mumbai CST stands for Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. This new term was named after Chhatrapati Shivaji, the great Maratha ruler. The entrance building is the main attraction. It was designed keeping in mind ancient Mughal architecture and pre-medieval Italian Gothic architecture. It is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well. It is the headquarters of central railways, providing a lot of assistance in functioning and paperwork. There are many railway housing quarters around Mumbai CST station making it a large housing and residential complex.

Mumbai is connected to the central and harbor lines of Mumbai local railway network making it a very busy railway station. Apart from the local population that comes in and goes out of the station, CST being a terminus has an inter-city and inter-state terminus as well. So many people travel to Mumbai and get down at CST, also commuters visit CST to board trains to various cities of India. Because of all this, Mumbai CST is always hustling and bustling. There are thousands of people at a time every second owing to CST being such an important location in Mumbai.

Going to CST for travelling to other states is quite common. But, the area in and around it too is as good as it gets in Mumbai. The town side of Mumbai, especially the fort area houses some pre-independence buildings and structures. Wide roads, marvelous structures and a massive residential complex mark the specialty of Mumbai CST area. Along with all these are the towering sky scraper offices of multi-national companies and gigantic media houses that make it quite an attraction for tourists and also a common visiting place for local commuters. Proximity to the sea as well makes it all the more special.

The demand for a lot of road transport options pop up every day. That’s the reason why we balance the demand and supply levels by providing cars on rent. Commuting to CST is quite a problem as it’s a very busy terminus. Many people go towards Mumbai CST all the time so there is a hell lot of crowd in local trains, making it difficult for you to travel conveniently. And worse is when you have luggage with you, at that time it is impossible for anyone to travel via local trains.

You can take a car on rent in Mumbai CST by contacting Travelocar. Then you can be rest assured that you will reach your destination on time. On your insistence, we also provide a chauffeur who will pick you up from a certain location and will drop you at your destination. The best thing is that you just pay and relax, rest will be taken care of by our immaculate services. Regardless of having luggage with you or not, with Travelocar, you can roam around the town side, enjoy the sea and also reach CST to board the train on time.

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