Enjoy The Sights & Scenes of Nature Amidst a Metropolis!

Borivali is a very important suburb in Mumbai city. It falls on the western line of the railway network in the city. It is a major railway station and road link as it connects Mumbai city to Thane district. Borivali is a massive shopping hub withy local traders and merchants flooding the streets with shops full of eatables, clothes, accessories, handloom etc. It has a lot of shopping centers, malls and market places as well. Its major market is that of the fruits and vegetables. A lot of people from nearby villages come to Borivali to sell fruits and vegetables, making it a major market place.

In the suburban line of railways, Borivali is considered as a very important communication link. No time of the day we can see the railway station not flooded with people. The major reason behind it is that Borivali is one of the last stations of main Mumbai city and also an entry point to Thane. Thane is a very populous place and the people there need Borivali as a launching point to enter the city for jobs and shopping. Along with that, even Borivali is a very populous place. It is the most populous suburb in Mumbai with over a million people residing here.

As a vacation spot too, Borivali has great significance. It connects Mumbai to Vasai, which is a very popular hot spring and trekking spot. The Sanjay Gandhi National Park is situated in Borivali and extends deep into Thane. Many people on a daily basis visit this Park to enjoy the natural aspects of Mumbai city. The park is home to wild animals and also the Kanheri Caves, which is a Buddhist rock cut cave complex sporting quite a few waterfalls as well. Mount Poinsur is a small trek in Biorivali, a cave complex called Mandapeshwar caves commemorating Lord Shiva sits at its peak.

Travelling to Borivali is quite important for people coming from different walks of life. Businessmen find this place as a paradise and so do people who love to shop. Borivali sports one of the largest vegetable markets where veggies are sold at lower prices as compared to the main city prices. Travelling to Borivali via local train service is quite a daunting task as the crowd is too much to handle, hampering any kind of comfort and convenience. People who wish to travel across can choose car rental in Borivali and enjoy a hassle free journey is a luxurious car, cab or air conditioned taxi. By renting, you skip the trouble of finding parking places for your car; the chauffeur assigned to you will take all the pains so that you can be at ease!

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