Now Travel Swiftly From The Densely Populated Areas in Mumbai

Sion is the residential hub of Mumbai. Thousands of people reside here from decades and many settlements have now developed into residential skyscrapers bow. Sion has been a residing place since over a century. In the earliest stages of city settlements, many fishermen started constructing brick houses. The proximity of the ocean made this place a massive fisherman settlement, many fish markets and storage vaults still exist in the areas across the sea liner. Today, the fisherman colony exists in small pockets across the shore. Sion now is a massive, developed residential complex with many buildings and apartments housing a lot of people.

There are many places to visit in Sion, owing to the number of buildings existing here. A hell lot of offices and work places are scattered in and around the massive housing complexes. The main attraction in Sion though is a fort that was built to protect a trade route. Today, the fort is easily accessible by foot and a garden is built around it, making it a popular public hangout spot. There are also a lot of multiplexes, malls and shopping centers that attract a lot of people from various places in Mumbai to visit Sion and the adjoining areas.

Sion is an extremely youthful and popular place as well. That’s simply because of a large number of educational institutes, schools, colleges and private classes. Sion houses a lot of medical and engineering colleges due to which many professionals, aspiring doctors and engineers visit this place on a daily basis. Also, because of so many international schools there are a lot of people coming in and going out all the time from Sion. The massive fish market attracts a lot of fish sellers and also fish purchasers, making it a bustling market where trade is dynamic.

The need for cars going to several places in Mumbai from Sion is very strong. That’s because, Sion being a residential location houses many people who go to several places to work and do other activities. The demand for taxis coming back to Sion is equally high, owing to the same. Train travelling is a stone in the foot nowadays; it’s not only uncomfortable and inconvenient to travel via train, it is also exhausting at the same time. It wastes a lot of your time and energy which is certainly not acceptable in a routine which is usually hectic in nature.

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