Indulge Into The Ocean Breeze & Wild City Lights

If the lights of a metropolitan city can dazzle you, the soothing waves of ocean currents will surely blow you over. Mumbai houses both simultaneously! At Marine Lines, you can see the glittery high life of the city represented by miles of towers of light glowing across the skyline while the cools sprinkles of ocean breeze cools you down. No sight can be better than a massive stretch of city boundary ending at the ocean and another starting from the very horizon. It’s a magical sight which is rare and unique yet it is free and open for any person willing to have a look.

Marine Lines is a very popular and important destination. It falls in the southern part of Mumbai, one that is affluent and is known for extraordinary buildings posh lifestyle. It connects to every part of Mumbai with a very important local railway station falling just in proximity with the ocean. Marine drive, the main attraction of the place is a long stretch of a concrete boundary standing in between the ocean and the civilization. There are many boulders lying across the concrete seating place blocking any strong currents coming towards the city lines.

One can wish to sit on the boulders and stare at the setting sun or observe the ocean waves being created and disappearing before hitting the shore. The best sight though is the meeting point of the ocean and the land where waves of the sea smash into the rocks, creating a rain like atmosphere. With all the hassles and problems faced by the people of the city, this is a place where peace is met within moments. The place itself can house the entire city, for free, providing an experience that is priceless regardless of climate or season.

You can rent a cab marine lines from your place to reach the peaceful spot. Mumbai is a massive city which houses millions of people. Many people wish to come to this place as it is beautiful and calming at the same time. The people who travel to Marine Lines and nearby areas are lucky as they easily get to this place in no time. These people enjoy the sigh whenever they want. But the real problem is for the people who don’t travel in this direction. They have to travel a long distance just to have a few moments of peace- tiring!

Travelocar is the perfect solution to the problem faced by people who stay far away from Marine Lines. Travelling in the jam packed trains with never ending masses of people can exhaust you, spoiling the peace and even the expectation of seeking it. It sometimes becomes impossible to even get into a train, it’s a rare occasion were you are able to go to marine lines comfortably. You can go to Marine Lines roadways via various transportation facilities, but like local railways, all exhaust you and tire you down. Going there in a car is the best way to reach the destination.

From any location in Mumbai, you can book a cab in marine lines for convenience and comfort. Travelocar also provides you with a chauffeur who will drive you to the place while you sit peacefully enjoying the city sights, music and subtle air-conditioning. With all this, you can be rest assured that you travel to Marine Lines and visit Marine Drive and also view the affluent colors of the city with ease. More than anything, you will have a comfortable journey while arriving and departing from your peaceful time at Marine Drives

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