Enjoy The Sights & Scenes at Churchgate

Churchgate is a railway station in the western network of Mumbai local railways. It is one end of the city, the southern end. It is also the place where the fort area of Mumbai, the town side is situated. It is a very posh and affluent region which houses a lot of historical monuments as well. The Fort side of Mumbai has a lot of buildings and monuments constructed by the British. Those buildings are now government headquarters and offices. The architecture and style of construction are a pleasing sight and they are also loaded with stories dating back to the British era.

Churchgate is arguably the busiest railway station in Mumbai. That’s simply because it is the last stop towards the Fort area and the first stop leading towards the suburban lines of Mumbai. Apart from that, all government headquarters are housed in this area, making people visit this place for various purposes. It also has the High Court where a lot of hearings and cases are under trial. Also, there are many grounds that sport activities like cricket, football and gymming. Courtesy of all this, Churchgate has become a place which is visited by every one for some or the other reason.

There are many colleges here as well. Educational institutes along with organizations that propagate foreign languages are located here. The Municipal Cooperation’s headquarters too is situated at Churchgate. More than anything, there are a hell lot of offices where people work their socks off every day. That’s why oceans of people travel to Churchgate to work and also to earn their bread. The Arabian Sea is also visible right beside the main railway station, which again is a very popular spot in Mumbai. The ocean waves hitting the rocks while the sun setting down the towering sky scrapers is quite a sight to watch.

The trains towards Churchgate are really crowded. So are the trains that go away from Churchgate. That’s because there are many offices and businesses in Churchgate and the maximum population of Mumbai resides in the main city side and the suburban areas. People come here from residential complexes and go back to their homes via this station alone. Every day, Churchgate station welcomes and departs over a million commuters, which in itself speaks volumes about the importance and vitality of Churchgate as a place and also as a railway station.

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