Travel The Length & Breadth of Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the most populated metropolises in the world. Over centuries, this city has transformed and advanced from a set of villages to the financial hub of India. Centuries ago, Mumbai city didn’t exist. Mumbai as we know today consisted of 7 islands, separated from a peninsula. The 7 islands were Mahim, Worli, Colaba, Little Colaba, Isle of Bombay, Mazagaon and Parel. They were separated by a peninsula called Salsette Island. These small islands were ruled by local kings before the Portuguese arrived and conquered these places. They were later given to Britain in an accord pertaining to a royal marriage.

The British named it Bombay. Much of the work of land reclamation was done by the British and all these islands formed one city, one land mass, called Bombay city. In 1995, Bombay was renamed to Mumbai. It was named after a temple called Mumba Devi that was constructed to worship Goddess Amba. Today, all these islands are accessible via road and rail. The local railway network, which is considered as the lifeline of Mumbai city, connects all these islands and their vital locations. It is the center of all development in India and a lot of financial mechanism of the country initiates from this city.

Mumbai has unlimited sights and scenes. Doesn’t matter which part of the city you are at, there is something or the else to see. Every part of Mumbai is special or essential for a particular reason. The affluence and historical value of the south or the rich cultural essence in the main city or even the working class lifestyle and beaches of the suburbs are some main factors that make this city perennially interesting and worth visiting. Also, with the vast number industries and businesses existing here, there are a lot of job opportunities and scope for growth available all the time. This is also the reason why Mumbai’s population keeps rising; many people come here to make the most of the opportunities that the city provides all the time.

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