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Force 26 seater

Max Luguage
Tempo Traveller Large
GPS Air conditioning Audio System

Get A Mini Bus On Rent With A Major Performance!


If you are travelling in large groups and if you want to reach a destination, you have many options for choosing. But, the question is which one is the best choice. A bus would house so many people easily, but it would tire everybody down due to the lack of space and comfort. Cars would cost too much. It would require 6-8 cars to accommodate a large group of people. It would also separate everybody from each other while travelling which wouldn’t be very convenient. And thinking of the fuel and cost wastage, it would be a horrendous idea as well.


For travelling in such groups, a perfect vehicle that has the space to accommodate so many people along with the power to transport people to their destination on time is required. There are few mini coaches that can do this task but then, they lack the comfort which is very essential while traveling. Without comfort, there is no point in travelling and investing money in. For such journeys and number of people, it is wise to select a vehicle that can provide you with everything that you and your group want. There are a few mini busses that can deliver what you want in the best way possible.


Force tempo traveller luxury 26 Seater is the solution to all your problems and worries. It’s quite a big vehicle though it is just a minibus. The best thing about it is that it can easily accommodate 25-28 people. After the accommodation, it can also capacitate 20-25 luggage items, which speaks volumes about its actual capacity. All the people who get into this minibus get adequate space to stretch around and have a nice and cozy time inside, even while the bus is moving. It has an amazing air conditioning system that ensures that everyone sitting inside is having a great time without bearing the heat and the sweat.


If you are going on a trip for a few days then you cannot travel with the ticket system where you just have to pay for a ticket and you reach your destination after some time. You need to hire a bus for a specific span of days where you travel to various destinations of your itinerary. You can get luxury 26 Seater bus on Hire for as many days as you want, ensuring a great journey with good sleep and great space to move around freely. Comfortable travel in this mini bus will also ensure that you stay healthy throughout the journey without feeling nauseated or tired.


You can hire Force tempo traveller luxury 26 Seater in India by contacting any firm or service that provides car and bus rentals. You can always contact Travelocar or visit their website and check out all the deals that they are providing. Many dealers do not provide discounts and offers and many don’t even have this bus for providing you service. With Travelocar you can rest assured that this minibus is available and you may further avail with discounts and offers.