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Audi - A4

Max Luguage
Sedan Delux
GPS Air conditioning Audio System

Car Rental Audi A4

Audi A4 is one of the most popular sedans manufactured by the German automobile company, Audi. On its introduction in the Indian market, it became an instant hit with the car enthusiast. It also became hit in car rental services in India. What makes it stand apart from the other automobiles of similar category is its longish shape in addition to its stunning looks.

It attracts the connoisseurs not only owing to the distinctive appearance and design, but also, due to its overall performance. Due to its overall maintenance performance, tourist cabs started hiring of car as premium tourist cab. It has a powerful engine and high profile dynamics and hence, gives an efficient performance. It can reach a speed of 100km/h starting from zero in no time. Its overall build and the superb paint job is simply an icing on the cake. The angular design of the front bumper adds to the beauty to its exteriors. The interiors are designed along the same lines. They are appealing and emit a soothing aura which adds to the comfort value for passengers. The controls are placed in such a way, so as to facilitate the driver.

All the other parts, right from the bonnet to the LED lamps and headlights, are an additional asset which gives it an overall classy look. One more reason to choose this car!