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Merc - S Class

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Sedan Luxury Premium
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Car Rental Mercedes Benz S Class

Mercedes Benz S class is a production by the joint venture of three companies. These companies are the Mercedes Benz India Limited and the DBAG and Telco. These were among the first joint ventures that happened in India. This car is the best when it comes to long distance travelling. Imagine yourselves driving through the Indian roads and experience immense luxury at the same time. A single journey in this Benz will let you beyond the realm of a beautiful environment. It is by far the best car to be driven on Indian roads and further; it has the best engine that will make a marvelous impression on the one who rents it.

This luxury car has a 6-cylinder engine. The maximum torque it transmits is within 315 NM at 5750 RPM. This car has a seating capacity of five and has luxurious interiors. It will let you soak in all its luxurious interiors and will enjoy your journey to the fullest. The facilities provided inside include temperature-controlled air conditioning. There are also provisions made for heating.

Hire a Mercedes Benz S class for a long lasting and memorable journey. Make your splendid journey an experience rather than a disaster!