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Toyota - Corolla

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Car Rental Toyota Corolla

The all-new Toyota Corolla has joined its race with all the other cars in its class. The hatch of this vehicle is more stylish, looks sleek with its new rigid body design, and gives a sporty stance. It is best suited for long distance travelling.


It has capacity for carrying five passengers. 4+ drivers can be easily accommodated. It has the luggage carrying capacity of three bags. It has a mesmerizing five star safety rating and has all the standard features including seven air bags, stability control. There are anti skid breaks provided. The vehicles are fitted with 1.8-liter four-cylinder petrol engine. It delivers more power and lowers the fuel consumption. It gives great mileage. The vehicle is now attached with better standard six-speaker audio. It also has a provision for air conditioning and Bluetooth. With the best comfort and technology, it has to offer, choose this as the next car rental!

We believe in providing the best travelling experience. With Toyota Corolla, you can enhance the spirit of your enjoyment and without worrying for your child’s safety. Be it long distance or short distance journey we provide the best of the amenities.