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Belgaum previously called as Venugrama or the Bamboo Village is a mid-size town in the Western Ghats of the Karnataka. It is also the administrative headquarter of Belgaum district and considered to be a prominent and well cultured historical place. The city is nearly 2500 ft above the sea level and close to the border of Maharashtra and Goa. Belgaum is rich in cultural heritage as it is influenced by 3 states namely Karnataka, Maharashtra and Goa. The Karnataka government is planning to make it the second capital of Karnataka the first being Bangalore. Belgaum is also called as the rain city with the presence of greenery throughout the year.


Economy in Belgaum

Belgaum houses many industrial sectors especially vegetation because of its climatic condition. It is the commercial hub of Karnataka after Bangalore in terms of export. It is very rich in producing natural vegetation like fruit, meat, fish, poultry and mining production. Belgaum is booming and growing very fast because of government’s efforts the new 300-acre special economic zone constructed near Pune Bangalore highway will boom global aerospace, automotive industries in this area.


Transportation in Belgaum

Belgaum is well connected with Rail, Road, and Airways. Belgaum Airport has situated in Sambra approximately 10 kilometers away from the city. Belgavi railway station is operated and maintained by southern railway division of India Railways. Local buses are run and maintained by NWKRTC (North Western Karnataka Road Transport Corporation) takes care of Intra-city transportation.


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Places to visit with Taxi Service in Belgaum through TraveloCar.com

Belgaum Fort: Belgaum Fort shows the religious harmony that our ancestors had it depicts the rich historical culture of Belgaum.

Kamala Basti: One of the prominent temples in the vicinity you cannot afford to miss.

St. Mary’s Church: Out of all churches present in this vicinity St. Mary’s Church has the best Gothic stone structure.

Vajrapoha Falls: Situated in the Jamboti Forest is the best location to be. It’s a delightful experience to visit this destination.

Hidkal Dam: Hidkal Dam built in 1977 provides irrigation facility to many villages in this vicinity.