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Explore South India’s Historic City Using Effective Car Rental Services

Kozhikode is one of the most important cities not only in Kerala but also across the vast country of India. Also, known as Calicut, this city is the third largest city in the Indian state of Kerala. Since a long period of time, this city has been a very important port. Vasco Da Gama landed at the port of Kozhikode and opened up the trade routes for Europe to explore India. Several kingdoms have come and left their mark over this place. Records that date back to a millennium ago describe this city as a trading hub with vast affluence and prosperity.



Kozhikode has been mentioned by many explorers across the world as a trading center where cotton and spices were available in immeasurable quantities. Explorers and traveller from China, Arabia, Europe etc. visited this place after hearing stories of its wealth. Various kingdoms have been established here and many battles have been fought to capture this prosperous land. The Zamorian dynasty held this city for 6 long centuries before they were toppled by the British and Portuguese.

The kingdom of Mysore too captured this city once before they were defeated. All Kingdoms that ruled this place left behind their legacy in form of sculptures and architectural wonders. One can see a lot of sculptures all around the city. The beauty of this is that various kingdoms from various cultures created them in their peculiar style. This gives Kozhikode a vibrant historic feel. This same historic imprint of the city made it known popularly as ‘The City of Sculptures’.


Trade and Kozhikode

Since a millennium and a half, at least, Kozhikode has been a trading city. As we see even today, a lot of exports are done through this city. A major percentage of the fiscal deficit of India is balanced by this city in two ways; one, in form of a port where trade via sea is facilitated and second via its vast production capacity. Kozhikode is popularly known as just a port city but it is also a major production hub of southern India.

Its extensive production of various spices made it popularly known as the ‘City of Spices’. Even during the ancient times, Kozhikode used to trade black pepper, cardamom etc. with the Arabs, Chinese, Jews, etc. It was a great cotton producing hub and the English used to trade that extensively. It is said that the famous Calico cotton got its name from the anglicized term of Kozhikode, Calicut.



Kerala is one of the most flourishing states in India and Kozhikode contributes greatly to that. The exuberant blossoming of this city has been continuous over decades even after independence. The domestic and international trade from this city is quite essential to the Indian economy. Due to the export and production power of this city, the growth and development of Kerala are intact just like its importance in the global market. The economic and commercial flourishing is also because of the marketing power garnered with the production and export facilities for pepper, rubber, coffee, coconut, oils of various kinds, lemon grass etc.


Places to Visit in Kozhikode

Kozhikode beach:- This beach is one of the most popular beaches in Kerala and India as well. It is a retreat where many people spend their time gazing at the clean ocean and the beach. It is one of the cleanest beaches in India. There is no real beautification or maintenance effort taken up here, but still, the cleanliness of the beach and also the waters are commendable. This is also a historically significant place as many naval battles have been fought here mainly by foreigners and people get to know these spine-chilling stories and events via locals and storytellers.


Tali Siva temple:- This temple symbolizes the Kozhikode culture in more than one way. It was built by the Zamorins who ruled over the Malabar region of southern India. It is a grand temple built to commemorate the importance of Lord Shiva in the local people’s beliefs. The temple structure is typical Periyar style architecture that makes it look like a palatial place. It can be termed as an ancient city as its date of construction is not clearly known but, it is believed that it was built in the early 12th century when the Zamorins established their rule of the Malabar territory.


S.M Street:- If a person is at Kozhikode, visiting SM Street is a must. And if that hasn’t been done then it’s an incomplete trip. That’s because this place is a commercial and shopping center where you get almost anything under the sun on sale. It’s mainly famous for its sweet shops that have been traditionally known for their popular halwas. This tradition of the SM Street of rich commercial complexes dates backs to 600 years and the place itself is that old.


Travelling in Calicut

With so much on offer in the vast and glorious city, roaming around is more than just a small task. It’s actually a pain as the city is quite extensive. To avoid hassles while traveling a person might wise choose to rent a car in Calicut and explore the length and breadth of this wonderful city. Such services ease your pain as they take you to every spot you want to go with the assistance of navigation and planned itinerary.

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