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Explore The Places With Cab Service In Guwahati That Is Really Very Impressive.

It’s a well-known fact that the northeastern part of India is nothing less than paradise. Kashmir is known as paradise on earth and the northeast part of shares similar beauty. The climate there is subtle to a limit that each and every person in the world would love to visit and stay there at least once in a lifetime. The serenity, the mountains and the simplicity of this place is impossible to find in any part of the world. Even with so much to seek here, people hardly visit the northeast regions of India as they are underdeveloped.

Guwahati, The Wonder Of The North-East:-

Guwahati is one of the essential cities in India. It lies remotely from the capital, Delhi but still is regarded as one of the essential hubs for one plain reason- it is the entryway to the entire Northeast region of India. Yes, there are many other ways of getting into the region but, Guwahati is the main link. It connects the northeast to various parts and cities of India. Moreover, the roads that go through other states aren’t as developed as they are via Guwahati so it is always preferred over any route. You can hire a taxi in Guwahati to explore the city.

Guwahati is situated in the state of Assam which arguably is the most developed state in the North East region. It is the largest city in Assam, even bigger than the capital, Dispur. Guwahati is actually the largest city in the entire northeast. This city is known as the land of temples owing to a number of ancient temples constructed here by kings of various kingdoms. There is great diversity in these sanctuaries as great and vibrant cultures left their mark in form of these temples. A casual recce around Guwahati will show you a tremendous number of ancient and modern temples.

Location And Climate:-

The main factor behind the serenity of Guwahati lies in fact that it is located at a unique place. It lies between Bhramaputra River and the godly Shillong plateau. The entire city is surrounded by hills and a plateau that makes the landscape appear like heaven. Moreover, the vegetation here is dense, so the sight of verdures makes it look green, lush and rich. All this along with the freshwater lakes make it a great city to vacation at. The climate is adorable.

Its winter for over 6 months and the winter here is one of its kinds where the humidity actually stays as high as 80%. So, it’s pleasant all the time. The summers may be a bit hot but not as excruciating as any humid area would be. The climate makes it a very popular vacationing and honeymooning spot. Constant rains are a habit to this city and it rains in winter as well. Massive dark clouds are seen throughout the year.


Culture is the most essential part of Guwahati and it is also the most colorful thing you will notice in the city. There are people right from the Ahom to the Naga tribes with Rai and Limbu communities residing here, making Guwahati a multi-cultural and multi-linguistic city. There is so much color around that it’s almost like a carnival. Assamese people are very close to their culture and that is reflected in the way they live their lives. It’s even evident in the small scale industry where everything they produce has a gist of their culture. Arts mainly constitute dance and there are over 18 dance forms that are popularly practiced and performed in Guwahati.

Places to Visit in Guwahati:-

Uma Nanda Temple: It’s a seventeenth century temple on a stream island of the same name is committed to Shiva. It was constructed by Ahom ruler Gadapani on this pleasant Brahmaputra isle, additionally called Peacock Island. All van vessels that take you to the isle leave from the Kachari Ghat between the Deputy Commisioner's office and the lower courts. The island is additionally a haven for a jeopardized populace of Golden Langurs which you can see all around.

Navagraha: Nabagraha Temple is arranged on Chitrachal Hill in the heart of the city. It is the dwelling place Lord Surya and is a focal. The temple is committed to the nine heavenly bodies’ Hindu mythology. There are nine Shivalingams secured with hued materials to delineate the heavenly bodies alongside a Shivalingam at the inside, symbolizing the Sun. It was because of this sanctuary that Guwahati was in the past known as Pragjyotishpura

Dighalipukhuri: It is situated at the heart of Guwahati city, is a man-made lake that is rectangular fit as a fiddle and about a large portion of a mile long. It was engraved out of the Brahmaputra amid the rule of King Bhagadatta of Pragjyotishpura. With the progression of time, it was step by step isolated from the waterway. Toward the north of the lake is the Gauhati High Court and toward the south is the Assam State Museum. This is the best thing about the place.


Travelling in Guwahati

Taking up a Taxi service in Guwahati is considered a wise choice because these are the best services you can get in and around the area. These comfortable cabs are ideal as they are cozy and also help you in navigating and reaching remote spots of the city. Many people prefer Cabs in Guwahati as well because these two services are almost the same but cabs provide greater comfort.


But, the Cab service in Guwahati is not always instantly available. You have to book them in advance or there might be a chance that you may not get transportation at all due to its unavailability. That’s why many times taxis are preferred over cabs. Also, Car Rental Service with driver in Guwahati is popularizing by the day as more and more people realize that it is the most feasible service one can possibly have in the hilly city full or terrains and beautiful locations.