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Chennai Tarrif (BOOK ONLINE)
Vehicle 4hrs / 40kms 8hrs / 80kms outstation
Sedan 1055
14.00 Book Now
Mini Van 1450
16.00 Book Now

Chennai is one of the most prominent cities in South India and the entire subcontinent. The city has significant cultural and traditional importance in terms of Art, music, religion, literature and dance forms. Since Chennai is such a popular city, Car Rental in Chennai is very popular here.

At Travelocar you can choose your preferred date, time and location of your pickup. Our team works throughout the day to ensure that all of our customers are getting the best Car Hire in Chennai experience without any hassles. Our drivers and chauffeurs at Travelocar are professionally trained to ride any car with great safety and comfort.

Worry and Hassle free travel experience in Chennai

Travelocar has been helping people to get the best and premium quality rented vehicles whenever they want. For over 15 years we have been working consistently to make sure that you get 100% satisfaction from Cab Booking in Chennai. In such a long span of time, we have helped hundreds of customers to travel to different locations in Chennai and explore the city thoroughly.

Our drivers offer you pick up and drop-off service from your hotel to your hotel anytime you want. In a new city, it will be difficult for you to trace your way back via the unknown streets and bylanes. But our drivers are well accustomed to all the routes and will drop you without any hassles.

Travelocar drivers are also well trained to provide excellent service to foreign guests or corporate individuals. So if you cannot make time to receive them, you can choose our Car Rental in Chennai with Driver services and our driver will pick your guest from any location.

For round-the-clock on-road support and help, our customer support team is available 24x7 to help and solve any of the queries that you have. With the help of our outstation Car Hire in Chennai services, you can even get to explore the outskirts of Chennai along with your family and friends. We offer cars of all sizes for hire that allows you to travel in an economic sedan to a premier luxury sedan.

Why should you choose Travelocar services?

We can provide you with several benefits which make us your favorite Car Rental in Chennai Service Company. So if you are wondering why you should rent a car from Travelocar, then have a look at these features.

  • We know our customers very well and always try to fulfill the demands. That is why we are in this business for over 15 years.
  • We offer 100% satisfaction in terms of comfort and convenience by providing you with a well-maintained car which is clean and packed with gadgets.
  • Our drivers and chauffeurs are well behaved and they are trained to drive the vehicles with care and utmost safety.
  • We offer both outstation and local Car Rentals in Chennai with professional driver and chauffeurs to those who are Chennai.
  • Do you want someone to pick you up from the airport and drop at your destination? Then we at Travelocar offer to make sure that the car you choose is always on time without any delay.


So what are you waiting for? Visit our official website or call us on our office phone numbers and get the best driving experience. If you are in Chennai, then there are several tourist locations in this city. It will take a full day to explore all of them. That is the reason why renting a car is the most convenient way to travel to a new city. If you are looking for online Car Rental near me then Travelocar is your best companion.

Traveling in Chennai

Most of the people in Chennai speak Tamil and a major crux of the population doesn’t understand any other language other than Tamil. Yes, there are many people who are fluent in Hindi and English, but since the majority is completely into speaking Tamil, it may cause problems while traveling in this city. To tackle that, many tourists opt for car rental services in Chennai. Chennai being a vast city with other towns and villages under its territory may cause trouble for a visitor. Owing to that many Rent a car Chennai and travel hassle free without any hiccups.

The most popular services for traveling are undoubtedly the taxi rental services in Chennai. These are very good provisions for people native to Chennai and the ones who are willing to roam around it. Cab Hire Service in Chennai is the most convenient services that can take you to any destination from any location of your residing or stay. These Chennai airport transfer cabs are extremely convenient and are air-conditioned to perfection so the extreme heat of Chennai cannot actually deter you from traveling to your desired or favorite places in this big bustling city.