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Discover The Pearl Of South India By Travelling In Luxurious Cars

Chennai is one of the most important cities in India. Similarly, it is one of the most important cities in South India as well. The reason for that is it is a very well developed and populous city that is home to millions of people. It is the capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu which mainly has people who speak the Tamil language. Indian states were created on basis of language hence the entire Tamil Nadu state has massive Tamil speaking population. The Coromandel Coast, besides which the city is situated, is the second largest beachfront with a municipality or civilization in the entire world. So Rent a car in Chennai and explore the Beauty of this city with us.


History of Chennai

Chennai was previously known as Madras. It was only in 1996 that this city is officially known as Chennai. The mid- 90’s was a period when numerous Indian cities were renamed. This city was a very well-populated and flourishing place with fishing being the main source of income for its natives. Agriculture too was a major occupation in the past. Even today these occupations exist and flourish but, with time the city developed into one of the metropolitan cities of India. Since the ancient ages of the kings and monarchs, Chennai was a strategic maritime location as a lot of trade was carried out at this port city.


The Pearl of South India

Chennai is now one of the major cities in India. It contributes considerably to the GDP of India and is also one of her major exporters. More and more people are attracted to Chennai every day as it is one of the best multi-industrial hubs of India. A massive array of industries ranging from Shipping, I.T, Computer sciences, finance and automobiles to name a few have opened up major job opportunities here for thousands of people. The healthcare industry, for instance, is the core reason why there are exceptional hospitals and health care centers in Chennai. Also, there are many flourishing medical and pharmaceutical companies as well.

Chennai is also strategically essential to India as the eastern fleet of the Indian National Navy is headquartered here. This fleet gets all its resources and reinforcements from Chennai making it a major city as far as India’s maritime defense and India’s absolute defense is concerned. Also, trade towards the eastern hemisphere commences majorly from Chennai, making it the most productive port of India on the Eastern hemisphere.


Places to Visit in Chennai

Marina Beach: is 12 km long and offers astounding space for strolls and has a wide sandy coast. The Marina of Madras is the second longest urban shoreline on the planet. Along the shore, there are numerous structures constructed amid the British provincial guideline. The South Beach Road keeps running past the Madras University, the Senate House, and the Chepauk Palace.


Kapaleeswarar Temple: Is one of Chennai's most seasoned and best-known sanctuaries, said to be as old as creations of the 8th century, in spite of the fact that the present structure dates to the 1600s. There is a huge water tank behind the sanctuary, utilized for the Thaipusam celebration with a lot of bloom shops all around.


The Parthasarathy Temple: At Tiruvallikkeni is considered as the most established sanctuary in Chennai and its beginnings go back to the eighth century AD, the reference of which has been made in the Vaishnavite works of the Alwar holy people. The presence of the Tiruvallikkeni town in alluded in the Pallava records as well. The sanctuary got its name from the lake before the sanctuary. It was initially assembled by the Pallavas. The sanctuary was remodeled by later administrations, namely the Chola and the Vijayanagar kingdom.


National Art Gallery The building of National Arts Gallery was constructed the year 1907. This radiant red sandstone building was composed by Henry Irwin and assembled by T. Namberumal Chetty. The building speaks to an ordinary Indo-Gothic structure and was at first popular as the Victoria Memorial Hall. Constructed with sandstone and embellished with themes, the building bears impressions of Mughal structural engineering. It is this structural planning, not simply the exhibition accumulations that make it worth a visit.


The Birla Planetarium: Which is at Kotturpuram is the most advanced planetarium in the nation. Bordering the planetarium is a Periyar Science and Technology Museum which will be of enthusiasm to understudies and other science researchers. Developed in memory of B.M. Birla, the understood industrialist and visionary, the Planetarium is thought to be the most current in the nation.


Guindy National Park: At Sardar Vallabhai Patel Road is one of the best attractions of Chennai city. The present park territory stands massively across quite a few hectares. Guindy Park happens to be more likely than not the littlest national park in the nation and the main park inside of the city-rural areas of India.


Traveling in Chennai

Most of the people in Chennai speak Tamil and a major crux of the population doesn’t understand any other language other than Tamil. Yes, there are many people who are fluent in Hindi and English, but since the majority is completely into speaking Tamil, it may cause problems while traveling in this city. To tackle that, many tourists opt for car rental services in Chennai. Chennai being a vast city with other towns and villages under its territory may cause trouble for a visitor. Owing to that many Rent a car Chennai and travel hassle free without any hiccups.

The most popular services for traveling are undoubtedly the taxi rental services in Chennai. These are very good provisions for people native to Chennai and the ones who are willing to roam around it. Cab Hire Service in Chennai are the most convenient services that can take you to any destination from any location of your residing or stay. These Chennai airport transfer cabs are extremely convenient and are air-conditioned to perfection so the extreme heat of Chennai cannot actually deter you from traveling to your desired or favorite places in this big bustling city.