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Visit The Street Food Capital Of India With Excellent Car Rental Services

Indore is one of the few metropolitan cities in India. It is a unique city that blends the essence of its historic culture and the modern trends coming up every day. It is the largest city in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh where it is situated in. It is the commercial capital of this state and a lot depends on this massive city as far as the economy and sustenance power is concerned. It is the most populated city in Madhya Pradesh and it is also the only city in India that has both IIT and IIM study campuses.



Indore is an old city that is approximately 6 centuries old. It used to be a small settlement across the river Saraswati and irrigation was the main occupation of the people residing there. But, the location of their settlements was such that it was an important trade hub falling exactly in the center of India. Many traders established themselves here so that a central hub to trade across remote lands can be originated from this place. This led to the development of a town and then later a city, but not a very important one, at that time in history.

Once the Holkars took over the central part of India, they recognized this place as a strategic trade location and started developing it. Soon, it became a very flourishing and prosperous land and was known as one of the most important cities in India during the 18th and 19th centuries. When the British ruled India, they too promoted more importance to Indore as a capital as the then capital Ujjain had many protests going on against the administration. Indore, after independence, served as the capital of the loosely based state of Madhya Bharat. Indore still is the commercial capital of the state.


Economy And Commercial Aspects:-

Indore has been a flourishing city right since the Holkar’s era. Its major strength has been its trade and commerce. Its location is essential to traders as it maintains itself as a commercial hub right in the center of the state of Madhya Pradesh and also in the center of India. It has always been and still is a multi-level market for various kinds of goods and manufacturing units which makes it a very important place as far as internal trade is concerned. The industrial growth here has been immaculate owing to the government’s policy of development since the last 15 years.

Indore is currently one of the most dynamic cities in the world. The reason behind it is that investors from various countries see an opportunity in this city. That’s the reason why 21 countries from various corners of the globe are willing to invest in Indore. This city has been lauded for its economic environment, easy business laws, security to investors and also for the scope that this city is widely providing. More than anything, low real estate, and property rates are drawing businesses to come here and establish industries and offices, hence increasing the demand and value of the city.



Indore is known as the street food capital of India. The main reason behind this popular nickname is the number of small food joints one witness at multiple locations across the city. The specialty here is the diversity. Madhya Pradesh is culturally diverse and its food to is the same. The food stalls here sell everything from south Indian cuisine to sweets to Chinese food and an extensive variety of chaat as well. You get to taste so much that it is almost impossible to keep in mind that this is Indore. These street food small joints represent India’s unity in Diversity.


Places To Visit In Indore:-

Laal Baag Palace:- This is arguably the grandeur of Indore. It is one of the many palaces built by the Holkar’s during their glorious rule over Indore. It is a beautiful palace that showcases the affluence and cultural diversity that the Holkar’s entertained under their tolerant rule. The rooms of the palace and its beautiful architecture mesmerize people even today. It has a beautiful rose garden as well which is considered as one of India’s finest.

Kaanch Mandir:- This is an architectural and engineering marvel. It is a Jain temple built with glass; literally, the walls, ceilings pillars, and doors are completely inlaid with glass. Even the paintings of ancient times that are available in the temple are kept in glass making it an enticing place to visit. It is one of the most visited places in Indore.

Central Museum:- The Parmar sculptures are very famous across central India and this museum houses many of their fine works. The Parmar art originated here so this place has fine historical importance. It’s another main attraction though is the ancient coins along with armor and arms of battles fought by the Parmars.


Traveling in Indore:-

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