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Explore the Temples and Architecture of Madurai With Car Rental Services

Madurai is a very well developed and well-populated city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is one of the most important cities in Tamil Nadu and holds the same position in the South Indian region. It is the third largest city in the state as far as population is concerned and is considered as its richest city as far as its cultural and architectural resources are concerned. It is one of oldest inhabited cities in the world and it is believed that the earliest settlements of mankind resided at this place which started off on the banks of River Vaigai.



The city was initiated by inhabitants who saw fertile land and accessibility of fresh water from the Vaigai River. With settlements getting all the convenience of food and shelter, the city expanded and kept expanding. It used to be a massive city in the older times. It was a flourishing land and drew the attention of many people who came and started off agriculture and trade here. Several Indian kingdoms held this place under their administration. The Pandya Dynasty was the most notable one as it ruled over Madurai over a considerable period of time. The major temples that we see today were built by kings of the Pandya Empire.

The other notable kingdoms that took over Madurai were the Nayakas, Cholas and the Delhi Sultanate. The British too took over Madurai and soon realized its vast importance. It was one of the major trading hubs for them in the Madras Presidency. Since this place was very fertile a lot of agricultural work was conducted here and a lot of exports too were initiated from this place. Every kingdom here extracted and made the most of its flourishing and affluent traits and also based this city as the commercial, if not the administrative capital of their respective kingdoms over annals of time.



Madurai is famous for its architecture. The Periyar style of architecture can be seen here and these engineering marvels still stun people with their mere view. The crux of the architecture lies in the temples and the glorious period of the past is still reflected in the temples that are still functioning today. Madurai has a massive number of temples and for this, it is also known as the ‘city of temples’. The architectural style, the canopies, and the wall sculptures mesmerize people even today and the magnificence and beauty of these temples never seem to fade away or fade in any amount at all.



Madurai, since its earliest records, has been an agricultural society. Courtesy of the River Vaigai, from where the city started expanding, the fertile lands due to the basin promoted agriculture on a massive scale. As rice was a favored crop in, mass agriculture of it had begun right from the earliest of times. Even today, the rice plantations are very essential. Secondary crops include paddy and cotton. Madurai is also famous for its rubber production. It produces the second most quantity of raw rubber across the entire southern part of India.

Major tire and rubber manufacturing companies rely on Madurai directly or indirectly for raw materials. Today, Madurai is a big IT industrial center and a couple of SEZs too are located here. The IT sector here is booming as more and more international companies are coming here to outsource and extract most from the vast manpower that the city offers. Recently and rapidly, secondary occupations like poultry farming and pottery are coming up. Madurai has massive jasmine flower plantations and the flower market provides employment opportunities to over 2000 to 3000 farmers and small-time businessmen.


Places to Visit in Madurai

Meenakshi Amman temple:Meenakshi Amman temple commemorates Goddess Parvati. This is the most important place or structure in Madurai and one of the most famous temples in Tamil Nadu. A quarter million devotees visit this place every day and during the 10 days Meenakshi Tirukalyanam festival that is organized yearly, more than a million people are expected every day. It is situated just beside the Vaigai River so the view is fantastic and the spots around too are ideal for an outing.

Thiruparankundram:It is one of the oldest and the most important temples of Lord Murugan in Tamil Nadu. It’s located on top of a hill which makes it a beautiful place to visit. Devotees trek from the foothills and go up naked feet. The scenes of the hill are pleasing and really soothing. It’s a perfect place to visit on a family outing especially when seeking God’s blessings is essential.

Thirumalai Nayak Palace:This palace is greatly revered by the people of Madurai. It was the palace of the 17thcentury ruler Thirumalai Nayak who contributed greatly in constructing the timeless and magnanimous Meenakshi Amman temple. The palace doesn’t really exist as only the ruins remain today. But, the pavilion and the garden still exist and it’s a great sight even after such destruction by enemy and nature. It’s a must visit place for travelers with an inclination for history.


Traveling in Madurai

There are many cabs in Madurai so finding one and hiring it is not even a small task. It’s so easy that you may not even need to move a muscle as they would offer you their services voluntarily. But, the problem lies in the magnificence of the city. Madurai is such an attractive place that many people visit it on a daily basis causing a shortage of cabs. Online Madurai Car Rental Services are the ones that actually help in tackling this problem.


Their availability to is immaculate so people use that as well. A taxi in Madurai is cheap and comfortable but the problem lies in the fact that it is not a service that can roam from one extreme of the city to another, it’s just meant for short distance travels. So, in that case, you can choose a car rental service in Madurai.