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Nashik has developed a unique blend of history and culture it has various holy temples and historical sites including one of most famous pilgrimage center of Shirdi. It is also one of the towns where Mighty Lord Ram spends some of his time while his exile. Famous poets like Valmiki and Kalidas has paid tributes to this city in many of their famous works. This city popularly known as The City of Temples and is one of the 4 locations to host Kumbh Mela is the holy place for Hindus and thus attracts many tourists throughout the year. Nashik is the center of commerce and trade houses many industries. The Security printing press of Govt. of India that prints currency is present here. Nashik is famous for its yields in fruits and vegetables. Nashik ranks first for its production of Grapes Strawberries and Onions.


Nashik Attracts Various Industries:

Nashik houses many industries in its vicinity such as Health Care, Agriculture, Cuisine and other Industries. Nashik has major corporate hospitals like Sahyadri Hospitals, Apollo Hospitals and many more. Nashik can be proudly called as food hub of Maharashtra for Maharashtrian Cuisine with inspiration from Khandesh, Gujarat, and Rajasthan.

Top Corporate giants like HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited), Bosch India, Mahindra and Mahindra, Indian Security Press, GlaxoSmithKline, Cipla, L&T and many more are present in Nashik.


Transit In Nashik:

Nashik consists of a domestic airport Ozar Airport which is situated approximately 20 kilometers away from the city and connects all major cities such as Mumbai, Delhi etc. Nashik Road Railway station is the prominent railway station in Nashik operated and maintained by Central Railway Division of Indian Railways it generates huge revenue for central railways, especially at Bhusawal and Manmad station. There are various public and private bus operators that help in transportation facility for the citizens.


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Places to Visit with Taxi Service in Nashik By TraveloCar:

Shree Kala Ram Mandir: This Ram Mandir is popular for its celebration of festivals like Ramnavami, Dasara and Chaitra Padwa (Hindu New Year).

Nandur Madhmeshwar: A National Sanctuary that host various species of birds, plants and other small mammals.

Pandav Caves: These caves were built somewhere in between 100 to 110 B.C. it is said that the paintings on this caves are done by Pandavas from Mahabharat.

Sita Cave: located 10 kilometers from the city center is said to be the location from where Sita was abducted by Ravan. It is popularly called as Panchvati because there are five banyan trees present in this vicinity.