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Ranchi Tarrif (BOOK ONLINE)
Vehicle 8hrs / 80kms outstation
Sedan 2890
16.00 Book Now
Mini Van 3290
20.00 Book Now
Sedan Large 4345
25.00 Book Now

Ranchi is a historical capital of Jharkhand, a state of India. It is strategically situated on the Chotanagpur Plateau, fully covered with red soil. Ranchi is famous for lakes, dams, gardens, and temples. Ranchi has a mix of god made places and manmade places for tourism attractions like a rock garden, Ranchi Lake, deer park, aqua world, science city and many other places. Our Ranchi car rental services are truly enduring and comfortable for all age groups.

We offer best car rental services in Ranchi, so you can completely trust on us can rent a car in Ranchi from our branch. Our Car Hire service in Ranchi do give out impeccable services from airport or railway station to your booked hotel or whichever place you want to go. Our friendly team does offer hassle-free solutions pertaining to booking or travelling to varied different neighboring cities.

We do have all the necessary documents available with us which will make your travel journey a hassle-free one. Our niche experts do timely maintenance of the vehicles which helps in giving you smooth journey services. We have different types of cars with their different prices so that anyone can afford our services and can go where ever place they want. We will always make sure that our customers are always satisfied and never get disappointed.

Our drivers are very helpful to all customers, they know each and every place of Ranchi so that they will take you at that place safely and will always make sure that he would show you all beautiful and famous places of Ranchi. Cheapest Online Car Hire Service in Ranchi is done very easily and while booking it there are very sorted processes people should not worry about it and do their booking feeling relaxed. Once booking is done then you are free to enjoy our services 24/7.