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Bhayandar Car Rental Tarrif (BOOK ONLINE)
Vehicle 4hrs / 40kms 8hrs / 80kms 12hrs / 120kms outstation
Sedan 900
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Mini Van 1600
15.00 Book Now
Mini Van Luxury 1950
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SUV Deluxe N.A 5790
N.A 58.00 Book Now

Bhayandar is a part of the northern areas of Mumbai. It is a suburb to this Maharashtrian metropolis and is under the governance of the Mira- Bhayandar Municipal Corporation. Bhayandar has a great deal of marketplaces and they are all fairly crowded at almost all times. Hence, we provide you taxi booking in Bhayandar for convenient travels.


Our cab hire service in Bhayandar is a service that will let you hire the car of your choice at very well affordable rates. We provide small as well as big cars and SUVs too. We have cars to seat four, five, eight and nine very comfortably. We have opted to give cars on hire as they are preferred more by the general citizens, tourists, visitors as well as locals over taxis. Since most people will not carry their personal vehicles when they come to visit a place, they prefer to hire a vehicle or use public transport. People opt to hire cars over cabs with drivers. This gives them a feeling of everyone being together without having to divide their group, as they might have had to do with cabs.


Our services are known for their proficiency and accuracy. We are always there for our customers whenever required and our loyalty towards them has never wavered. We give Bhayander car rental services as well. Our rentals are available to make life easier for our customers. These services are also very helpful to those who do not want to keep changing from one cab to another cab.


Our car on rent in Bhayandar services come with an inbuilt GPS navigation system which is built in to make travelling around the city easier for our customers, each of whom is very important to us. We try our best and our hardest to provide our customers with the greatest possible cab hire services they can receive.



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