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Chandivali Car Rental Tarrif (BOOK ONLINE)
Vehicle 4hrs / 40kms 8hrs / 80kms 12hrs / 120kms outstation
Sedan 900
14.00 Book Now
Mini Van 1600
15.00 Book Now
Mini Van Luxury 1950
N.A 19.00 Book Now
SUV Deluxe N.A 5790
N.A 58.00 Book Now

Chandivali is a part of the Powai neighborhood of Mumbai. It is a suburban area and hence is even more crowded than the regular residential areas of Mumbai. It is a place which has markets, schools, and a straight route to the airport and also to the sea- link which directs the vehicles to the town side. Hence, this area is almost always covered in people who run around trying to get through their businesses. So we provide to you Taxi Service in Chandivali for you to travel in a much easier manner around the city to and from any part of Chandivali to anywhere you need to go, including stations, airports, etc.

Our services can be accessed online as well. Chandivali Car Rental Service is available to locals for sure, but also to tourists and visitors for a more convenient and easy mode of travel. We make sure that our cars are in a spick and span condition. Our drivers are very well trained and accustomed to the roads of the district. We assure you that we have a strict policy to keep our services working well. We have been caught up in no legal issues regarding our services or our drivers too. We also have a fully functioning GPS navigation system that can get you where you desire to be in a decent amount of time.

Rent a cab in Chandivali is available to reduce your load of having to go to the taxi stand and getting a cab. All you have to do is log on and book your cab online. We also provide cab hire service in Chandivali if you do not wish to rent a auto, we provide car rental service in Mumbai as per your need. They are a few different kinds depending on how many people will be seated in them in a manner that will provide comfort to all.



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