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Vehicle 4hrs / 40kms 8hrs / 80kms 12hrs / 120kms outstation
Sedan 900
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Mini Van 1600
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Mini Van Luxury 1950
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SUV Deluxe N.A 5790
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Chembur is a suburban area of Mumbai at an approximate of 10 kilometers away from the central hub of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus or the Victoria Terminus railway station. Chembur is also a central location, but it is more known for its residential complexes and a few industrial buildings as well. There are high crowds there that are tough to get through as there are a fair number of educational institutions in the area which means that the zone is always populated. We provide to you rent a cab in Chembur for quick, easy, convenient and feasible travel to and from Chembur. These vehicles are also especially available for trips to places like airports, railway stations, etc.


These are available not just for tourists or visitors, but are very impartial towards local citizens as well. Our services are known for their proficiency and accuracy. We are always there for our customers whenever required and our loyalty towards them has never wavered. We provide to our patrons car rentals service in Mumbai as well in case they do not wish to travel by cabs. Our rentals are available to make life easier for our customers. These services are also very helpful to those who do not want to keep changing from one cab to another cab and can rent a vehicle for a whole day as well.


Our taxi services in Chembur make travelling easier for those who want privacy with their relatives and families. Many people don’t prefer to have taxi drivers with them as they prefer to drive around by themselves and in order to fit their entire group in one car so they don’t have to separate. Our car rental services provide this option to all our customers along with the best possible safety. We also have a good GPS and Navigation system so that you don’t have any travel issues.



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