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Jogeshwari is located to the north of Andheri and one of the western suburbs of Mumbai; it is renowned for its caves and especially for the one containing the temple of Lord Shiva.


Some of the must visit places of Jogeshwari are listed below.

Veer Nilesh Sawant Memorial: This memorial was constructed in Bandrekarwadi in Jogeshwari to honor Nilesh Sawant who sacrificed his life for his country. Nilesh Sawant was a soldier in Indian Army and a recognized National Level Boxer.

The Jogeshwari Caves: The Jogeshwari caves are assessed to be 1500 years old, one of the oldest caves temples in Mumbai and are situated in eastern parts of Jogeshwari. The caves are dedicated to Lord Shiva and considered to be work of Hindu priests and Buddhist monks. They are highly decorated with sculptures of Lord Shiva. The size of these caves gives tough fight to many great caves in the nearby vicinity such as Ajanta, Ellora and Elephanta those who have received world heritage tag by UNESCO.


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