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Vehicle 4hrs / 40kms 8hrs / 80kms 12hrs / 120kms outstation
Sedan 900
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Mini Van 1600
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Mini Van Luxury 1950
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SUV Deluxe N.A 5790
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Like any other Mumbai suburbs, Kandivali is too divided into eastern and western areas through the train station. Some of the remarkable territories with high importance in Kandivali incorporate Thakur Complex, Thakur Village, Lokhandwala Complex, Ashok Nagar and Mahavir Nagar.

Kandivali has a pool of attraction for all kinds of visitors, whether they are a movie or fun lovers or a devotee. If you are looking for temples than you must visit Shri Siddhivinayak temple, Sai Baba Temple, Gaondevi Mata Mandir, Akurli Mata Temple and Bal Krishna Haveli. For people, those who are interested in movies and fun must visit Thakur Cinema in Thakur Mall, Thakur Fame Movie at the Vishnu Shivam Mall and Alica Hall.


TraveloCar, Car Rental Service in Kandivali

TraveloCar has a variety of car rental services to offer with a pool of car options to choose from and added with offers and discounts that will make our services much cheaper and affordable for our customers.

We provide short trip, long trip and outstation tours for our customers with online or offline payment options and chauffeur facilities. Our short trip service is to cater your car rental needs within the city such as traveling to places like a school, hospital, etc. it generally involves service for 4 hours or 40 km. Our long trip services involve service for 8 hours or a distance of approximately 80 km generally this kind of trip is used for one day holiday to nearby hill station or a small picnic with family, etc. and our outstation trips are generally two or three days long could be more depending upon your requirement, there is a fixed km assigned to these trips which totally depend upon car you choose and location you are traveling to and if you cross that limit then there is per km rate which is applicable, these kind of trips are used when a person is traveling out of state.


At TraveloCar, we give importance to our customer satisfaction and delight and hence the cab hire servicessuch as car rental service in Kandivali Mumbai are carefully designed to meet those objectives.



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