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Visit The Other Side Of Goa At Mapusa Town

We all have a perception that Goa is full of beaches and a carnival is always on the road. But, Goa is far more than just that, it is not merely a holiday spot. Goa is a state of India and it has been quite an important region far before the beaches were discovered for partying and vacationing. Goa is a small state with towns and villages, many people stay here as it is their home and not a carnival spot. Not many people know that Goa has a silent and comparatively simpler side as well and the town of Mapusa epitomizes that.

Mapusa is a small town situated on the outskirts of Goa’s capital city, Panjim. Falling in the northern part of the state, Mapusa has a hill range on one side on the north and has towns and villages surrounding the other sides. The National Highway 17 runs through it and it is regarded as a major transportation hub as it connects Mumbai and Kochi. Unlike the most popular places in Goa, Mapusa doesn’t have a beach so the number of foreign tourists visiting here is lesser as compared to the exquisite beach locations.



Mapusa, prior to early establishment, was an agricultural region. Fishing is comparatively less here due to no water body except a river stream and a few lakes. Right since civilization started to proliferate here; Mapusa was a marketplace and still today is the same in more than one way. Ancient kingdoms used to use Mapusa as a stocking hub and used to keep a lot of goods and food here. Whenever the royal navies of various kingdoms brought in imports, they were carried and stocked in Mapusa as it was a very accessible route from all the old ports of Goa.



Mapusa is not a beach town but it still attracts a lot of tourists. Foreign tourists are comparatively lesser here as they are usually more interested in the beaches and affluent hotels. But, tourists from India can be found in abundance for various reasons. First of the major ones being Mapusa’s close proximity to a number of beaches in Goa and second being low cost of accommodation. Tourism is one of the major elements of Mapusa’s economic backbone. There are very few hotels and accommodation centers in this town and the locals who have property lend their houses on rent where visitors reside.

The Mapusa Friday Market too is one of the main reasons why people love to come here. Mapusa and its surrounding areas are agrarian economies so a lot of things are produces in and around it. This market is the main element of Mapusa’s economy. People from nearby villages come and sell their agrarian products that include vegetables, fruits, nuts, dry fruits etc. Thousands of sellers gather at the market and thousands more visit this place to purchase various things at a far lower price that any market in Goa would offer.


Mapusa’s Eateries

Mapusa doesn’t really have hotels and restaurants or fast food joints like we see in developing towns. Mapusa rather has a lot of quality eateries that serve authentic Goan cuisine and drinks. You can find shades of Konkani food as well but the Goan cuisine dominates these eateries and it’s always a great time whenever you decide to munch on to something.

The most interesting part of Mapusa’s cuisine is that you will find a gist of Portuguese style of cooking and some of their traditional dishes, Indianized by local chefs in Mapusa. Unique rinks too are served at these places. People ought to try the various kinds of drinks they prepare out of Kokam and a new form of it can be experienced throughout Mapusa town.


Places to Visit in Mapusa

Shree Dev Bodgeshwar Sansthan Shrine:-  Lord Bogdeshwar is a very renowned deity in Mapusa and people from various parts of the country visit this shrine to seek blessing. It is arguably the most popular place in Mapusa and it is situated in the outskirts of the town. It has a fair every year and crowds at that time visit in large numbers to witness the golden time of this beautifully constructed on lit temple.


Church of Our Lady of Miracles:-  This is a beautiful church that was constructed by the Portuguese during their rule. The specialty of this church is that it has an annual carnival which lasts for over a week. The unique thing is that this carnival is organized and celebrated by both Hindus and Christians, depicting the solidarity, co-existence and tolerance between the two religions.


Maruti Temple:-  This is a small temple in the heart of the town but its significance is such that one can never find its premises not busting with crowds. The Portuguese didn’t allow the construction of any temples and also destroyed some. At that time, locals kept a picture of Lord Hanuman and worshipped it. Later a silver statue was placed and in few years a temple was raised where people literally had to masquerade themselves to perform puja.


Travelling in Mapusa

There can be no better service than car rental in Mapusa to roam around the gorgeous city of Mapusa. These services take you from any transportation hub to all the important places of the city with consummate ease. When you rent a car in Mapusa you also invite an air of coziness to your trip as it is a very convenient service. It is quite reasonable as well as compared to other services.

You can hire a taxi in Mapusa to travel shorter distances if you have any small itineraries planner or even small trips to adjacent towns and villages or the market. Once you have a car on rent in Mapusa you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the chauffeur drive you across the city as you reach multiple locations of importance on time amidst great comfort and unprecedented ease.



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