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Travel Smoothly Across The Upcoming Metropolis, Panvel!

Panvel is the biggest and most populated city in Raigad area. It falls on the eastern side of main Mumbai city. Travelling to Panvel once took a ferry from the islands of Colaba but now, due to so much development, highways and railway networks connect Panvel to Mumbai and other important cities and towns. It is known as the Gateway of Konkan region- one of the most beautiful regions in Maharashtra. It is named so because the Kokan stretch of communities and their towns and villages and also the typical Konkani climate initiates from here. It is a very well developing region that is considered as hot property by builders and realty experts alike.

Panvel was created around for exchange courses (both via land and ocean), amid the Mughal principle and subsequently after by the Marathas, British and the Portuguese. Quite a long time ago Panvel was celebrated for its rice bazaar. Panvel Municipal Council (PMC) was built up in the year 1852, and is the most seasoned civil chamber of Maharashtra. The city thrived and developed because of the impact of extensive scale exchange via soil and ocean. This was portrayed by the expansive castle like homes that surfaced amid the Peshwa period. It is likewise said that old name of this city was Paneli. There were memorable guns (amid the season of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj) arranged on Panvel port. What's more, today it is an entirely formed into a city.


Places to Visit in Panvel

Panvel is a trekker’s paradise. It is surrounded by various mountains and waterfalls coming out of streams. This makes it an ideal place for hikers, trekkers and mountain lovers. Panvel has rich history entwined around it. Many great Maratha generals fought many battles here; you can find several forts here that still make you remember of those deadly battles.


Karnala fort:- Karnala fortress is a slope stronghold in Raigad region around 10 km from Panvel city. Right now it is a bird sanctuary named Karnala Bird Sanctuary. It was a stronghold of key significance as it monitored the Bor pass which joined the Konkan coast to the inside of Maharashtra at Vidharbaand that was the principle exchange course between these territories. It lies in the middle of Pen and Panvel close Shirdhon town. The fortress is 370 m above mean ocean level.

At the fortification's base there is an acclaimed Karnala Bird Sanctuary Karnala is 65 km far from Mumbai, 120 km far from Pune and 13 km far from Panvel. The haven is around 25 m above mean ocean level. Maharashtra government pronounced this 4.5 km area as the winged animal asylum in 1968-69. Rich with regular environments for different sorts of flying creatures, in the asylum one can discover around 150 types of winged creatures. One can look for red vented bulbul, Indian dark hornbill, owls, peacocks etc.


Gadeshwar Reservoir:- Gadeshwar dam is a decent place amid the storm when the dam floods. The spot can be reached after entering New Panvel and through the Sukhapur-Nere street. The towns and homesteads with the Matheran slopes on the foundation are a treat to watch. Individuals who love trekking can reach Matheran from the Panvel. Panvel is likewise well known for watermelons which can be discovered plentifully in and around the city and the old Mumbai-Poona freeway, this reservoir is the hub of such melons.


Matheran:- Matheran is a slope station and a metropolitan board in the Raigad locale in the Indian condition of Maharashtra. It is a slope station in Karjat Tahsil and is likewise the littlest slope station in India. It is situated on the Western Ghats range at a rise of around 800 m (2,625 feet) above ocean level. It is situated around 90 km from Mumbai, and 120 km from Pune. Matheran's vicinity to numerous metropolitan urban areas makes it a mainstream weekend getaway for urban inhabitants. The Matheran Mountain can be effortlessly seen from specific ranges in Panvel. The name Matheran signifies "woods on the temple"


Transportation in Panvel

Panvel is an imperative intersection point the same numbers of major roadways meet and go through the city. The Mumbai-Pune Expressway and Sion-Panvel Expressway begin from here while the national highway goes through Panvel. These highways are utilized mainly by car owners who otherwise opt for excellent car rental in panvel that deliver exceptional service. The panvel cabs hire services too, keep up the good services by providing great facilities. Panvel has moderately less sustained and well-maintained streets which are extremely congested because of too many vehicles and transportation vehicles.  Panvel railroad station is a standout amongst the most vital intersections on the Konkan Railway. Panvel is the ending station of Mumbai railroad's harbor line as well.


Transportation problems in Panvel

Any city’s civic body cannot maintain empty roads as far as there are too many vehicles on the road. People drive across cities a lot, especially due to the availability of such advanced and driver-friendly highways. Taxi rentals in Panvel benefit a lot due to this incessant need of Panvel citizens to travel to various destinations in adjacent districts. This causes problems like delays and mismanagement. Since the roads are long as the distances are, it becomes frustrating to travel to various districts, and also places in Panvel. Moreover, there is no administrative taxi or car or public service available immediately, so that’s a big cause of concern.


Travelocar- The Solution to Panvel’s Problems


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