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Roam Around Vashi and Discover The Remote Parts of Navi-Mumbai with Car Rental service

Many people think that Mumbai city is the main attraction around the western metropolis of Maharashtra. But very few know about the great fun they can have at locations like Vashi. Vashi is a major location in the Navi Mumbai area and it falls through the Creek of Thane adjoining the Arabian Sea. Vashi is divided into various sectors; an approximate figure can be easily noted. Few Sectors comprise of residential complexes while some sectors have residential, industrial as well as commercial centers and complexes, there are many schools and colleges among various educational institutions as well. There are many 5 Star Hotels as well, that adds the charm to this locality.


Popular Places in Vashi

The Vashi market, which is very popular, is one of the biggest markets in the country and a lot of small businessmen visit this place to initiate their work. Vashi is the oldest civilization in Navi Mumbai and it is the most populated one as well. A multitude of businesses in Mumbai and various parts of India have constant business outsourcing here. Latest startups that are viewing Vashi as a hot destination for acquiring and distributing work of any kind.Many people are shifting to car rental in Vashi Navi Mumbai for exceptional business, as it is the money-making core of Vashi.

The Vashi market is claimed to be the largest market in Asia for providing people with a wholesale yield of fruits and vegetables. The vegetable market in wholesale experiences thousands of people gathering for business even at 3am in the morning. Studies have suggested that Vashi is a renowned and reliable location in India that keeps providing a hell lot of facilities to the local people who in turn increase the export. Vashi is the exceptionally well connected with Mumbai and its major suburban areas, both by rail and road. It is directly connected by rail and road.


Current Transportation Scenario in Vashi

The importance is growing so much that an international airport adjacent to Panvel is in the final stages of getting a green signal. The proposed plan is probable to fetch traffic respite to the current Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai. Because of Vashi, Eastern Expresses have considerably reduced travel time to the nearest part of Mumbai south Mumbai to a staggering 30 minutes. In addition to all that, the Sion-Panvel Highway and the attractive Palm Beach Road connection facilitates more operational efficiency. Auto rickshaws, taxis, buses and cars are effortlessly obtainable so transportation is no worry at all.

In Vashi, being wedged in a lot of crowd and hassle especially due to traffic is part and parcel of driving across to Mumbai or from the location. Formerly recognized as a paradise for driving, Vashi has gradually vanished its reputation and now it is known for being as a traveller’s nightmare. Some people believe that Vashi is descending down recklessly in traffic control. No matter if it is hopping off all traffic indications, overhauling from the in correct flank, all this happens because people don’t have space especially because the roads are full, cars and vehicles pile up the traffic a hell lot. People living in Vashi, on a very factual basis, do not obey to traffic regulations. With increasing amount of owned vehicles in the metropolitan place cumulating by the day and with constant development the scenario for drivers to reach a particular destination gets worsening by the day.


Tackling The Problem of Transportation to And From Vashi

Tackling the problem of too many difficulties while travelling is increasing in Vashi. So, the problem lies fundamentally in the way people travel. Travelling is very important, that’s true and undeniable. It is not possible for a person to travel to each and every location all on his or her own. For that, they need transportation that is reliable and trustworthy. They also need transportation that is quick, swift and ready to serve. Finding taxi rental in Vashi or Vashi cab services is not a big task. But, it is very rare to find such services. Moreover, it is harder to find transportation service that can be relied upon strenuously.

You usually have to dodge a lot of traffic when you are set to go to Mumbai and also when you are willing to come to Vashi from any place, especially from Mumbai. It is essential to be stress-free while you ride, that’s because you travel for long distances and then you have to go and work- taking more tension. In one way or the other, your long drive, work and drive back routine is affecting your health. To tackle this problem it is wise to choose services that drive you from one place to another.


Why car rental services are important in Vashi-

With so many prospects opening up in Vashi, it is very beneficial to travel to this place. One of the essential reasons for it being that it is becoming a business hub and many wholesalers, especially in agriculture, find this place as a very hot prospect for all businesses. You can opt for  Corporate car rental Service visiting Navi Mumbai every day by choosing car rental in Vashi Navi Mumbai, that will certainly help you in going there and coming back to your original location in no time, that’ too effortlessly.

So what do you do when there is a transportation issue? What do you opt to do when you are facing an issue where you want to go to a place and you don’t want to drive at all. At that time, you can simply rent a car Vashi and wait for Travelocar’s serviceman or chauffeur to come to your specified location from where you will be picked up. From there, you just need to specify a destination and then the chauffeur will drive you to that place and all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. This will save your time and effort and tension as well, all because of Travelocar!


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