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Discover the charm of West Bengal with High End Convenience of Kolkata Airport Transfer Services!

There are various stories associated with this beautiful city Kolkata. The glowing charm and enchanting business spots here attract millions of tourists. Here there are various spots which cannot be missed some of them are as follows:-

Victoria Memorial: Victoria memorial, also considered to be the pride of Kolkata, is one of the largest marble structures in the country. Built in the memory of Queen Victoria, this memorial is one the finest museums in the city and displays British raj paintings and other exhibits. Even if you are new to the city our services of Kolkata airport transfer will help you to reach destination safely. Our Cab service in Kolkata could also be done for the day.

Fort William: Fort William was one of the oldest forts of British to be made in India. It is located on the banks of river Hoogly and was proudly named after King William III of England and Ireland and King William II of Scotland. The Maidan, which used to be a part of the Fort and is the largest urban park in Calcutta stands in front of the Fort. Our superior Kolkata airport taxi services are much easy to book.

Howrah Bridge: Also called Rabrindra Setu, the Howrah Bridge, built over the river Hoogli is the only means of transport from Howrah to Kolkata. Howrah Bridge is the 6th longest cantilever bridge in the world and one of the busiest ones among them as it carries a daily traffic of over 100,000 vehicles and countless pedestrians. Our friendly chauffeurs and unique booking systems give you seamless services of Kolkata airport drop at any time of day or night.

 Belur Mutt: Belur Mutt were the headquarters of the Ramakrishnan Mission, founded by Swami Vivekananda during the Nationalism Awakening period in India. It is one of the most noteworthy establishments in Kolkata and is prominent for its architecture that embraces Hindu, Christian and Islamic styles and stands as an icon of unity of all religions.